Durarara Season 2

  • The first season of Durarara is on my top ten list and I can't wait for a 2nd season to come out. I hope this gets finished and gets dubbed sometime by 2016. Anyone else excited for a 2nd season?

  • I'm looking forward to it, but it looks like it'll be broken up in 12-13 episode chunks with breaks between seasons. At least that means we'll have new DRRR!! coming out for a while. Can't wait to see Celty and everybody else again.

    First cour (January): http://myanimelist.net/anime/23199/Durarara!!x2_Shou
    Second cour (July): http://myanimelist.net/anime/27831/Durarara!!x2_Ten
    Third cour (Winter 2016, so Jan 2016): http://myanimelist.net/anime/27833/Durarara!!x2_Ketsu

    I'd hope to see AOA dub this since they dubbed the first season.

  • Yes, but that means when the dvds and blurays come out extravagant prices as well.

  • First episode is now available; it has actually been up since this past Saturday.

  • Episode 2 was okay. I didn't care for Shinra's breaking of the 4th wall, but he was adorable in Celty's shadow ball, but it looks uncomfortable since it doesn't seem like he can move that much. The Orihara twins are entertaining and just as crazy as their brother, and there's no way Aoba is normal. Nope, no way.


    Yes, but that means when the dvds and blurays come out extravagant prices as well.

    It's AOA, it'll be expensive regardless of whether or not it's dubbed, a dub just makes it sting just a little bit less. I didn't especially care for the dub, but I know some people did like it a lot.

  • @Firefly:

    The Orihara twins are entertaining and just as crazy as their brother

    Absolutely. This series has an all-star voice cast, but Eri Kitamura is just killing it right now.

  • It is nice to see Kururi and Mairu's characters get fleshed out; that one episode of the first season wasn't nearly enough to do them justice. And I agree, they do have a mischievous and devious streak like their brother.

    On the topic of the latest episode, how the hell did Celty end up getting stuck transporting someone in a body bag? I'm sure we'll find out eventually; if there's one thing I know about this series, it's that it doesn't leave any questions unanswered.

  • I rewatched a good chunk of season 1 recently, just to refresh on those events. I really like Celty and Shinra's relationship, they're my favorite characters, and I hope to see it develop further with season 2 here. Anri, well I'd always found her rather bland in comparison to the adult characters, but she's the best of the high school trio and actually rather interesting now that I'm rewatching and giving her character another look. I love how this series tells its story, same for Baccano. It comes across so random and hyper but it's all connected. I tried watching the dub I'm so used to the Japanese track, and I personally think the Japanese voice acting for this show is fantastic.

    Not too surprised about who the Hollywood killer turned out to be. Shizuo's brother finally has my interest thanks to this though.

    Izaya's sisters are just so terribly entertaining. That whole family is seriously messed up, but they're so much fun to watch. Need more Orihara.

  • Looks like another huge gang war is about to go down. And I can't believe a little girl, of all people, got Shizuo in trouble.

  • Episode 4 was so good. I loved the group hot pot at Celty and Shinra's place. Everybody's there. Except Izaya (and Namie). But omg that was such a sweet little moment between Celty and Shinra. With Valentine's Day just around the corner I'll make them my avatar for now. OTP It was funny watching Erika and Walker talk about Celty and Shinra's relationship and Celty's tsundere status right in front of them too.

    Kind of weird how Saika's acting more independently now (it attempting to cut the guy who touched her shoulder). I'm worried for Anri. Like she was thinking, what if Saika cuts one of her friends? She also seems to be growing more distressed about hearing Saika's voice all the time.

    Don't like the sound of Aoba's plan. Not one bit. He rubbed me the wrong way when he first showed up, and he's just proving that those suspicions weren't misplaced.

    Also, Wonder Festival was today, so that means lots of great figure news and Durarara got some love thanks to this new season. Alter is re-releasing their 1/8 scale Celty and releasing new/updated sculpts for their Izaya and Shizuo figures. GSC also revealed a totally adorable Celty Nendoroid. I'll be getting the Celty ones for sure, I just hope that someday some company out there will make a Shinra to go with her.

  • Episode 1 is now available….........dubbed!!

    Looks like AoA is getting in on the broadcast dub process. More info here.

  • Last episode of part 1 is up, and Izaya got what was coming to him, from someone he least expected. I actually liked how it happened; he's talking with someone on his phone, and then he gets belted…...by the person on the other end of the line.

  • It sucks we have to wait until July for new episodes

  • Part 2 begins today. Izaya's in the hospital after the events at the end of part 1, and he's bored, which isn't exactly a good sign. He's expecting someone will come to try and kill him, but the person who shows up is someone he least expects.

  • Next episode is up. While Izaya is in the hospital, Namie's obsession with her brother reaches a boiling point. But when she confronts Mika, she learns Mika knows more than she has been letting on.

  • Next episode is up, and this time we get some background on Akabayashi, who was introduced in part 1. Who would have thought he had a connection with Anri and her family. And HOLY CRAP, I can't believe he would pull out his own eye just like that!!

  • Next episode is available. Varona is working with Dennis and Simon at Russia Sushi, and is surprised when she sees Shizuo and Tom enter the place. She's even more surprised when Dennis suggests that she accompany the two on their debt-collecting round for the day. But the rumors about Shizuo that were mentioned in the first episode of part 2 are circulating around town, and some thugs conspire to take advantage. Akane and the Orihara sisters get caught up in the mix.

  • Next episode is up. Ruri has a stalker…and she's actually a bit frightened!? If this guy finds out about her darker side, I think the tables would likely turn.

  • Wow, I guess that explains why Ruri's afraid of this stalker; he got info from Yodogiri. We also get some background on Ruri in this episode. After Ruri explains her plight to Celty and Shinra, they turn to Mika for advice. I can't believe someone would actually think of going after the cat just to get to her!

  • Looks like the stalker hired a few accomplices. Fortunately, Mikado found out about his plans and set things in motion to stop him. However, Masaomi has gotten suspicious of his friend when he finds out he's working somehow with the Blue Squares. Oh, and it seems Izaya has been doing some recruiting of his own.

  • Shiki hires Izaya to investigate an underground gambling group called Amphisbaena, and a drug dealing ring called Heaven's Slave also has its eyes set on the group. Thanks to some intrigue, and with help from some of his new recruits, Izaya crushes both groups absolutely.

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