Haven't Received Holiday Promo Code

  • EDIT - 1/16

    All users should have received their promo code at this time.

    If you were previously having a problem getting your code and have not heard from support, please make a new ticket: http://www.funimation.com/support We usually do not encourage multiple tickets about the same issue, but for this issue, we would like you to do this. Thanks!

    If you fit ALL of the following criteria, please use the reason code "Subscription Access":

    1. You have signed up for the annual promo and have not received a promo code
    2. You have seen the $54.95 charge appear on your statement (NOT a $0.01, can't help with those, and NOT a $54.95 charge on pending status)
    3. It has been more than 3 business days since you have seen that charge (weekends don't count)
    4. You have still not received a promo code.

    If you do not fit all of those requirements, please use the reason code "Subscription Billing".


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