Why hasn't Funimation picked up Poltergeist Report yet?

  • As a big fan of Yu Yu Hakusho and Funimation's superb dubbing of the series, I would love to see the series's full-length movie finally get a proper U.S. release under the Funimation label. Funimation releasing the dubbed OVAs and mini-movie back in December 2011 gave me hope that they would followup soon on a Poltergeist Report release. I'm curious why we haven't heard any knows about this yet. I have a few theories, but I'm curious what everybody else thinks.

    Theory #1. The Eizou Hakusho OVA set didn't sell enough to encourage Funimation to get the movie. I can see this being a possibility. That release was definitely oriented at really hardcore Yu Yu Hakusho fans, after all, so perhaps it wasn't able to pull in expected numbers. But I'm sure a full-length feature would have more marketable appeal than a mini-movie barely longer than a typical episode of the series, and a collection of bizarre shorts and boring music videos.

    Theory #2. Funimation can't get the original cast back together. Again, I don't see this as an especially limiting issue. They managed to do it with the OVAs almost two years ago, and those were hardly more deserving of the effort than Poltergeist Report. Most of the original main character leads still do regular work at Funimation anyway.

    Theory #3. Licensing issues. Central Park Media, the company that originally released Poltergeist Report in the United States, went bankrupt back in 2009. Perhaps this might complicate obtaining the rights to the movie. A number of CPM titles, however, have already been rescued by various other distributors, including Funimation.

    Again, I'm probably grasping at straws here. Maybe Funimation is just too busy with other projects to work on an older series like Yu Yu Hakusho right now.

  • You raise several very good points. To be honest, I'm very surprised myself that FUNimation hasn't licensed Poltergeist Report yet. YuYu Hakusho is one of their landmark titles, and still sells fairly decently for them even to this day. My only guess could be that it's stuck in some sort of licensing snafu that's preventing them from picking it up.

    This would be an EXCELLENT question to ask about at one of their con appearances sometime. Too bad that nobody at cons actually asks FUNi any SMART questions. It's always "Battle of Gods" this or "Rosario+Vampire season 3" that. Sheesh. -_-*

    Regardless, if FUNi ever does get around to rescuing Poltergeist Report, I do hope they not only redub it with their cast, but leave the CPM dub on there as a bonus. Sure, that dub wasn't all that good, but it'd still be nice to have for nostalgia's sake. ^_^

  • I've been wondering this very thing for a long time now myself. Ever since CPM went under, it seemed likely that they would pick up this movie, but…it's just never happened. And then we got the first movie and Eizou Hakusho, and that's been it so far. It's all very strange.

    I'm hoping it isn't a numbers game, because if that really is the case, then we may never get the movie re-released. If it's just a sort of rights issue like I hope it is though, then it's really just a matter of time. If I've learned anything in my time as a DBZ fan, it's never to doubt that a rights' issue can eventually be broken through.

    I've still got a copy of the CPM version of the movie, but yeah...being able to watch it with a dub that didn't make me shake my head every few minutes would be great.

  • I actually just got back from a convention that Chuck Huber (Hiei) was attending. During one of the Q&A sessions, the particular group of actors he was a part of were asked what titles they'd like to see dubbed by Funi in the future. Chuck's first answer was the Yu Yu Hakusho movie… When we cheered, he said that was what he liked to hear, and said that we should write letters/keep showing an interest in the movie being released. IDK what that says, but I'm definitely going to be trying to contact Funimation at some point. c:

  • Now besides getting the other voice actors that did the series to play their characters once more, but this is who I think who should play the new characters in the movie for the five who I think. ^_^

    Justin Cook - Yusuke Urameshi
    Chris Sabat - Kazuma Kuwabara
    John Burgmeier - Kurama
    Chuck Huber - Hiei
    Cynthia Cranz - Botan
    Sean Teague - Koenma
    Kent Williams - Ogre
    Linda Young - Genkai
    Laura Bailey - Kayko Yukimura
    Jessica Dismuke - Yukina
    Caitlin Glass or Kira Vincent Davis - Hinageshi
    John Swasey - Yakumo
    Todd Haberkorn - Kuronue
    Travis Willingham - Majari
    J. Michael Tatum - Raiko

  • Funi stated on the latest ANNCast, despite the past distributor for the film being no more. Rights still weren't available to them.

  • Thanks for the update Sound, I'm glad to know it came up at least. I wonder why the rights aren't available to them though…could the debunked company still have some kind of weird pseudo-hold on it for so many years, regardless of them no longer existing or something?

  • That would be my guess. But something tells me we might not ever get a clear answer. Hopefully they will still be able to get it someday though. Knock on wood.

  • Oh believe me, I still have hope. If I've learned anything through my years as a fan (specifically DBZ), it's never give up where a rights issue seems to be making it impossible to get something.

  • @Gyt:

    Oh believe me, I still have hope. If I've learned anything through my years as a fan (specifically DBZ), it's never give up where a rights issue seems to be making it impossible to get something.

    I so agree with you on this too, it will happen soon. I hate waiting but for this movie will be worth it.

  • At Anime Boston 2014 this year, I shall give them a paper of the characters they'll be playing as for the other five at the shopping area. This time and year they will do it.

  • only if the rights become available for licensing

  • I sure hope so. All about the funds… A matter of time.

  • Wait are you guys saying that there is actual hope for the movie?!!?!?!?!? O.o OMG I can't wait!

  • Ladies and gentlemen! I'm proud to announce of Steve Bennett who does videos of Anime reviews call 'Anime Abandon' shall be reviewing the bad dubbing of Yu Yu Hakusho the Movie: Poltergeist Report'. Meaning, this is our chance to show and spread the news for FUNimation to do. Please be sure to email him about me and the work to talk during his next coming up review of it and spreading the word for us. All on here: http://benthesage.com/
    So let's get to it, people, and thank you! Let's make FUNimation proud in doing this already.

  • I remember listening to an Anime News Network podcast not too long ago that featured some of the staff from Funimation. Poltergeist Report was brought up, and the guys on hand said that a licensing issue is indeed preventing them from dubbing it.

    I'll look forward to Steve Bennett's review of the bad dub for the movie. I've enjoyed episodes of his Anime Abandon series in the past.

  • And I would say, thank God he's making a very good point about it too.

  • This post is deleted!

  • ….Who the hell is "Steve Bennett"?

    Bennett the Sage's real name is Bennett White. -_-

  • Who the hell is Bennett White?

    ANN reviewer?

    I don't bother. I found that most of the snarks that review for ANN are under the misguided impression that they need to bulldoze the show to smithereens, rather than stick to the review formula. I can't even visit the website without seeing single paragraph reviews on the sidelines that are more or less wrecking balls to whatever they've gotten their hands on at random.

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