Will funimation be dubbing any of these shows?

  • ok, so i was wondering if funimation will be dubbing these or if they will remain subbed only?

    brothers conflict



    either way they look like good shows. (i haven't tried them yet but I've heard good things)

  • BroCon- Yes!

    Kingdom- no word

  • We have no idea at this moment

  • A rumor about Kingdom:

    I'm watching the Happy Console Gamer's panel recording from a gaming con a few weeks ago, and his partner RobMan told everyone that he did a voice for a secondary character for FUNimation's dub of Kingdom; he talks about it about 18 minutes in. While it is odd to hear this come from an internet personality, especially when FUNi hasn't announced anything for Kingdom since the initial simulcast (and they didn't even do Season 2), but I thought to just toss it out here.

    If true, then I'm interested. I've wanted to check out Kingdom, and if it's getting a dub then it's probably also getting a DVD/BD release, too.

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