Shipping to Canada

  • Hello quick question, will I have to pay duty and customs charges? I never saw anything on check out so I would like to know waiting eagerly for my SSJ God Pop figure, don't want to be unprepared thank you!

  • You are responsible for all taxes/duties on the items that you order.

    If you need more specific information beyond that, you will need to contact a product support representative by making a ticket with the reason code "Shipping".

  • Hi, what do you guys ship with to Canada? Please please please tell me it's not UPS! USPS is better for Canadians, or we get massive brokerage fees

  • That's a really good question– I don't handle physical product at all, so it's never actually come up before for me. I'll ask and find out. :)

    Can any Canadian users weigh in on this, based on packages received? Since it's after product support hours, a user-generated response might be faster. :)

  • Thanks, would really appreciate an answer. Without thinking of the fees I (stupidly) splurged and ordered during the black friday sale. Submitted a ticket to ask 2 days ago and no answer. Really hoping I get a response before it ships so I have the chance to cancel

  • It looks like it depends on the type of mailbox the mail is being sent to. PO boxes we use USPS for and UPS is used for all other shipments in Canada.

  • Thanks for the response. Any chance they'd ship it with USPS instead or would I have to pay more? Or can you hook me up with someone who can cancel my order?

  • You'd need to make a ticket through the support system with the reason code "Shipping". I have no idea if we'll be able to cancel the order in time– all support channels are pretty busy at the moment so things are a little slower than normal. :(

    But it's worth a shot and is certainly possible! :)

  • I sent one a couple days ago and no response, is that normal? Seems like it wouldn't help to send another one. Really want to avoid doubling the cost of the item just for brokerage fees and stuff.. You don't have any way of moving me up to just cancel my order before it ships?

  • It's not normal to wait this long, no, but all support channels are pretty busy at the moment so things are a little slower than normal. We are usually able to keep a 2-3 business day turn around on inquiries, but we're several days behind that at the moment for a number of issues with the increase in volume.

    I'm showing two tickets for you in the system, in the correct place for your tickets to be for them to be addressed, but I'm unsure of the queue for our shipping/orders support team at this time.

  • Are you only able to view the tickets? I'd think that cancelling orders should be pretty simple/quick. Most sites even have a button to do it rather than wait for a person. Is there a number I can call instead? I want to avoid getting tons of extra fees if possible.. Several days behind when its usually 2-3 days is kind of worrying

  • Just heard back from support and they said they use USPS for anyone wondering. Thanks to the admin for helping me out here

  • Sent a ticket asking to cancel my entire order (sent a previous ticket before to cancel a few items) for flexibility sake. I just want to start from scratch and order the BDs I want while keeping cost to minimum. (40$ Canada shipping and handling is a bit too much for me. that doesn't include conversion)

    It hasn't shipped yet, but hopefully it doesn't get shipped while I'm awaiting reply.
    I haven't gotten any reply from my previous ticket, so I have a feeling this one will be even longer -_-
    gonna be another frustrating/anxious week for me

    Edit : Oh brilliant, I just got a shipping confirmation….except I got the wrong items

    oh well, I won't go into details

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