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  • I'm new to the forums and hope this isn't a repeat. I've been thinking about this for a while and its made me curious. Why haven't the big anime companies, collaborated to work towards getting an exclusive channel on TV that airs anime 24/7 so that they can more easily expose mass amounts of people to it and hopefully draw in a larger fan base. Then the companies would make larger profits and see the fan base growth, and hopefully start to license even more shows. Good idea or are there a lot of risks not worth taking for the companies

  • Well,

    Funimation used to have a 24/7 channel (or was available on verizon 3 years ago). Depends on the carrier in your area.
    Verizon dropped it due to "limited viewership".

    There is the cartoon network with limited times.
    And lastly, there are number of web sites that are put up and maintained by some of the studios. When I get home, I can fill in details.

  • Some cable and satellite service providers don't think that there is demand for a 24/7 anime channel in the US but there are a lot of folks would like to get the FUNimation Channel, the only 24/7 anime channel in North America, and don't have it yet. Here is a thread for suggestions and what you can do to help improve your chances to get the FUNimation Channel.

    The linear channel is available on AT&T U-verse, Frontier FiOS, iFiber Communications, Groton Utilities, Sjoberg's Inc, SureWest, TVMAX, Wavevision, Liberty Cable, Dalton-optilink and Choice Cable TV.


    Funimation used to have a 24/7 channel (or was available on verizon 3 years ago).

    FUNimation still have the FUNimation Channel broadcasting, sure they may not run it but they are still a partner in it.

  • @morganator06:

    the big anime companies, collaborated

    They would rather dominate each other than collaborate with each other.

  • Personally, I don't think viewership OTA/Cable is ever gonna make any real headway until some company steps up to the plate and negotiates some prime time slots, with a relatively recent show, dubbed, that they know people will want to see. This means no kiddy shows, really. You need something you can run against (or following) other prime time adult shows.

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