Misfit Part 2: Misfit vs. Hunters

  • Part 2- Misfit vs. Hunters
    Fighting vampire hunters isn"t easy and my adopted human family is hunters. I walk up to my aunt and uncle"s or should I say my new enemies" home. My eyes glow red but instead of bright red they look like liquid fire. I stop in front of the house and say loudly, Oh Chris! You wanted to kill me right? So come and get me. The front door opens and just as I thought, Chris came running out with a stake. I laugh and smile with fangs as I dodge the stake and knee him in the stomach. He spat out blood and came at me again. I moved out of harm"s way and was behind him before he knew it. I grabbed him, bit his neck and drank his blood. When I had killed him by drinking the last drop, I turn around to find his parents Allie and James Brown glaring at me.
    Well, long time no see right Allie and James?” I ask licking Chris"s blood off my mouth and fangs. James pulled out a gun and started shooting wooden bullets at me. I dodge them easily and grab Allie than we"re on top of their house in a second. So, James, your wife here is going die and there"s nothing you can do about it,” I say smirking still holding her as she struggled, Any last words to your wife? Or should I say your second lover?” Allie stopped struggling and asked him, You cheated on me again? How could you?” James replied to her, It was a mistake. I"m sorry.” I laughed evilly then bit into her neck. He screamed, NO! Allie!!” I dropped her body in front of him and was behind him in a second.
    So, I see while I was gone you managed to kill all the vampires except the purebloods. Well all except the ones under Lady and Lord Moon,” I say as I grab him too and take his gun away, I will avenge my species. For you see I"m a pureblood now.” He starts crying and said, Alex… why? We"re family.” I bust out laughing and reply, Family? You mistreated me as a human then as a vampire. You will die hunter.” I bit his neck as well and drain him of his blood. I drop his body and hear Jasper"s voice say, Alex..why did you kill them?” I turn around and reply, Jasper. I killed them because they killed my kind but I will not kill you because you didn"t kill any vampires. Tell the others that I"m coming for them too.”
    As I jump into the air, Jasper yelled, I"ll kill you Alex even if it"s the last thing I do!!” I half smile and whisper, I"ll be waiting,” as I fly away from there. Ten minutes later, I land in front of the Moon mansion where I"m greeted by an attack from Lord Manson. I dodge him and end up behind him. I wrap my arm around his neck and put him in a head lock saying, Hello Lord Manson. Remember me? I"m that kid Lady Luna took in that ended up being Lord Wolf"s twin brother.” He stopped struggling and laughed replying, Well Lord Alex, you seem to a lot stronger than before. What brings you here?” I let go of him and say, I need your help taking a family of vampire hunters. I"ve killed three members of it as soon as I arrived.”
    Lord Manson shook his head replying, No. The Moons and the hunters have a peace contract.” I sigh and turn away saying, I should have figured as much.” He said, Ask your brother,” as he went back inside the mansion. I walk away deep in thought. As I walk, I get ambushed by ten members of the Brown family. They either come at me with stakes or shoot at me. I easily dodge the bullets, moving faster than them; I ripped out their hearts in ten minutes. Good grief, I thought as I walked away, I hate hunters. I lick the blood off my hand then look at my clothes. Hmm, I need to go change. I"m covered in blood, I think as I ran with vampire speed back to the hotel I"m staying at. I enter through the window then close it. I go into the bathroom, take off my clothes, and turn on the shower. As soon the water is warm, I step in and pull the curtain.
    As I wash the blood off myself, I think about how this all began and wonder out loud, How did I become a killer like this with no remorse?” I shut off the water, then reach out to grab the towel off the ring only to find it not there. I open the curtain to find Lady Luna wearing one her usual gothic low cut dresses and holding the towel. I close the curtain and ask blushing, Lady Luna, c-can I have the towel please?” She replies with a purr, Of course Alex,” then hands me the towel from behind the curtain. I quickly dry myself off, wrap the towel around my waist and gets out. So, Luna what brings you here?” I ask as I walk into the room.
    She looks at me with those beautiful red eyes and replies, Manson told me you stopped by the mansion and asked for help killing vampire hunters. I can understand why you would want to kill them, but all the hunters in this city are part of your adopted human family.” I shook my head as I get dressed saying, They kicked me out of their family because I"m a vampire. So they"re no family of mine.” Luna wraps her arms around me, holds me close in fact so close that my face ended up in her breasts. She runs her fingers through my hair and says, I see, well I want you to end your hunting of the hunters. But since you did kill thirteen as soon as you came back, you sent a very clear message to them that you won"t tolerate them hunting on a vampire"s territory.” I blush and try to raise my head to look into her eyes but her hand kept my head from moving out of her breasts.

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