The end of Misfit Part 1

  • Great. More purebloods and I could be related to one now, I think as I pull a blood bag out of the fridge, Well guess I"m stuck here since I"m not welcome at my old home and family. But I have a new family here. I bite into it but don"t get any because Crystal pounced me crying, making me drop the blood bag. I hold her and say, Umm..Crystal are you ok? She sobbed into my chest and replied, N-no…vampire hunters killed Shadow.” My eye glow bright red and I bare my fangs. All the glass in the kitchen shattered and Crystal screamed. Jeff, Andrew, Lord Manson, and Lady Luna run into the room. Crystal backed away from me and I hung my head feeling weak. Sorry…I"ll leave…” I say as I stumble to the door. Lady Luna grabs my arm, pulls me to her, and bites my neck. I shake then pass out.
    I come too chained to a metal chair and I struggle to break free. I hear an unfamiliar male voice say from the shadows of the underground room, It"s useless unless you have blood.” A young man walks into the light and smiles. I could tell by his scent that he was a vampire too. He walked up to me and said, I"m Wolf Atlas and you must Alex Atlas. I had our tested for a DNA match and guess what Alex?” I look up at him, noticing that he and I looked exactly alike minus the hairstyles, and replied, What?” He smiles showing his fangs off and says, Our DNA is identical. So when you became a vampire, you turned into a pureblood yet you were serving my cousins the Moons. Lady Luna drink your blood and she forced her blood in you. You"re my other half and I really want to become one with you.”
    How so?” I ask, Are you going to devour me or have me devour you?” He laughed and said, No there will no devouring. You"re my twin, Alexander; our mother turned you into a human because she wanted to keep you safe.” My eyes widen and I look at him shocked. Wolf breaks my chains, pulls me close, and holds me, Welcome back brother.” Why did she turn me into a human and why don"t I remember this?” I ask as I try to pull away from him. He holds me tighter and replies, We were both infants when it happened. Purebloods aren"t supposed to show their powers at birth but you did. She though if you became a human so that you won"t have to deal with it.”
    I see, so I"m one now. I guess my powers are starting to come out now,” I say and feel weak. He nodded and let go of me, saying, Now brother, what will your choice be? Will you come with me or will you stay with her?” I look at him as my eyes glow and reply, I will be on my own and figure out who I am. I need to clear my head.” I push him away and leave the warehouse. I start running and jump into the air. I start flying upward and laugh thinking; this must be one of my powers. In no time, I land on the mansion roof of the Moon clan headquarters.
    I jump down and land in front of the mansion. To think I could have a family here was absurd now. I belong to another pureblood clan the Atlases so that means Lady Luna and Lord Manson are my relatives. This means I had a family all along but they gave me away because I"m different from them. No matter where I go, I will always be alone. I go inside and find that everyone is asleep. I go to my room, pack my clothes up, and then leave. Where I will end living, I don"t know. But I do know that I"m a pureblood vampire and that no one can truly understand me. Sooner or later, I will meet them again but next time I"ll be ready.

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