Misfit Part 1 still continued

  • 11 hours later…
    I"m sitting at my father"s funeral with Uncle James and Aunt Allie on the right side of me and Jasper and Chris on the left side of me. As the pastor goes on and on about how my father was a good man that had loving wife and son and the list goes on. Jasper found out what Chris had done to me earlier before the funeral so naturally there was a lot of tension as well as grief. I could smell the blood in their veins and the scent of decay coming from the coffin was almost overwhelming. I start feeling overwhelmed by the smell of blood, decay, flowers and my new vampire senses to where I could sense human emotion didn"t help either. I got up in the middle of the service and walked out of the funeral home. When I was outside, I could breathe easier and I sat down on a bench.
    I close my eyes and sun bathe. The sun feels so good….I feel sorry for vampires that can"t do this, I think smiling and relaxing. Suddenly I feel cold arms wrap around me and hear Lady Luna"s voice say, I"ve missed you, Alex. My eyes open and look at her replying, Mistress, you shouldn"t be here. There"s a vampire hunter in there.” She grinned and hugged me whispering in my ear, You"ll protect me right?” I nod and she kisses me on the lips. Surprised, I kiss her cold, red lips back and suddenly remember the taste of her blood. She smiled then let"s go and disappears. I stand up and go back inside to find that service was over. Uncle James and Aunt Allie glared at me then left without a word. Chris looked at me and I heard him think, I told them your secret. You"re no longer welcome here. Jasper didn"t look at me than they both left.
    I shrug then walk home but when I got there, Uncle James was there. I walked into the house and got a stake in my chest. My eyes glowed and without thinking I ripped his heart out. I pulled the stake out of my chest then went to my room. I changed clothes, packed up all the clothes I wanted and needed into a duffle than left the house. I walked away without even looking back or caring. I felt empty and alone more so than before. I get to the mansion then goes inside. I find Shadow and Crystal sitting on a love seat in the front room. They look at me and I look away shedding a tear. I walk away and go up the stairs. I pass by Jeff and I feel him look at me. Then I go into the sitting room and find Andrew sitting and reading a book. I set my duffel bag down, take my shoes off, than lies down on a couch. He looks at me and asks, So how was the funeral?” I shrug and say, I hated it. Plus I found out that I"m not related to that family and that they"re vampire hunters.”
    Andrew puts his book down, gets up, walks over to me and sits down in front of the couch. I see you have a bag packed, going somewhere?” he asks. I shake my head and sigh. I close my eyes and shed tears. I feel his arms wrap around me and holds me close. I cry into his shoulder and he rubs my back. I hear the others walk into the room including Lady Luna. I look up at them and they all look back concerned. He let"s go of me and goes back to his chair. I sit up and say, Sorry you had to see me like this. I"ve just had a rough couple of days plus a couple of stakes in the heart.” Then they all look at each other as if they were having a silent conversation.
    After what seemed like hours, Lady Luna finally said, It seems like you, Alex, are a lot like a pureblood yet you were a human. We need to find out who your real parents are.” You would really do that? For me?” I ask while wiping my eyes. She gets up, walks over to me and stands before me. I first noticed her clothes then her long blond hair which is always down. She was wearing a corset top dress that came down to her feet and was black and red. She had fish net gloves on, her eyes are red and her lips too. They are all unnaturally pale like me. She hugged me and said, Now you"re officially one of us. You"ve shed your human life and now your vampire one begins.” I hug her back and smile.
    The next day…
    After a long night, I still wake up in the morning or should I say afternoon. Everyone is still asleep in the mansion. I have my own room now which I put up posters of my favorite bands and movies on the walls. I sit up and get out of bed. I yawn as I walk to the dresser to find some clothes for the day. I look in the mirror as I put on a black band t-shirt, black jeans, and a leather collar. My hair is still black and cut in a punk way. I look through my bag and find my black eye liner. I put it on and I look like the vampire version of me. I lick my fangs then go downstairs to see if I can find food.
    I find Lady Luna wearing a low cut Gothic style dress that"s black and blue and sitting on a couch in the front room next to another male vampire wearing a black suit. I bow to her and say, Morning my lady. Would you like for me to get you some blood?” She shook her head and replied, Alex, this is Manson my brother.” She hugged Manson and he hugged her back saying, My, my. So this is Alex Atlas? You know there"s that other pureblood family with the last name Atlas. I wonder could he be the human descendent of Wolf Atlas.” She shrugged and replied, Well he"s a vampire now. But maybe we should invite him over and have them meet.” I sigh and say, Mistress, may I leave now and get my breakfast?” She nodded and I went to the kitchen.

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