Misfit Part 1 continued

  • Along the way, a woman stopped me and said, Oh kind vampire, could you take me to your mistress? Please? I looked at her surprised and asked, Why would you want to see my mistress? Unless you want to live forever.” She looks at me and says, Yes, I wish to live as Lady Luna"s maid.” I sigh and reply, Very well. Follow me.” I change my course and walk instead to the mansion while the human woman follows me. Tell me something miss. Why would you choose the cursed life of a vampire?” I ask with no emotion in my voice and with a calm face. She stopped walking and replied, My brother, Jackson, was made a vampire by her and I wish to be with him again.” I stopped and said, I"m sorry to say this, but he"s dead.”
    She gasped saying, No..that can"t be. Not Jack.” I turned and looked at her replying, Yes it is. You"re looking at his killer and my mistress wanted him dead because he was out of control. Do you still want to see her?” She shook her head and walked away. What was that all about? I didn"t know Jackson had a sister. Great, I think sighing and walk to my house. When I finally get there, I smell humans then see that there"s a car in the driveway and go into the house. After closing the door, I"m greeted by Jasper, Uncle James and Aunt Allie. Hello everyone, I wish you would at least call so that I know you"re coming,” I said looking at them sadly, So I"m guessing you"re here about the funeral, right?”
    Aunt Allie hugs me and Uncle James said, I noticed that there"s no food in this house. So we brought some food for you.” I hug her back and Jasper looked at my eyes asking, What"s up with your eyes? They used to be green now they"re red.” Aunt Allie goes into the kitchen and Uncle James follows her. I hug Jasper and whisper in his ear, Just between you and me, I"m a vampire now. Your parents and the rest of the family doesn"t know so let"s keep it that way.” Jasper hugs me back and whispers in my ear, I believe you Alex. Just so you know though, I love you but not like a cousin. I love you like I would a lover and you"re not really my cousin. My aunt took you in but didn"t adopt you that is why your last name is Atlas not Brown.” I hold him and say Thank you Jasper.” He nodded and went into the kitchen.
    I smile and go into the kitchen. I put the blood bags in the fridge and see that they did put food in there. I could sense them in the living room and I could hear them talking about the funeral tomorrow. I tear up, not sure why and start crying but my tears aren"t water. They are my blood in the form of tears and I drop to my knees sobbing while thinking, Why? Why did I have to become this monster to finally learn that I wasn"t their son? Lady Luna, do you know who my parents are? Well do you?! I hear her voice in my head replying, No I do not. I had no idea you were taken in as a human orphan. Just come back when the funeral"s over. I nod and sit on the kitchen floor silently crying.
    I feel someone wrap their arms around me and I felt their heart beat and smelled their blood in their veins. I could hear Jasper"s voice whisper in my ear, Alex, its ok. I"m here.” I pull him close and bite his neck. He gasps and I drink some of his blood. I start seeing memories in my mind and they were Jasper"s. I stop drinking and I feel him wipe my tears away. J-jasper….”I say as everything goes dark and I black out. I wake up in my own bed feeling the warmth of a human and from the smell of blood I knew it was Jasper. I smile and hold him close then look at the time. Seeing that it"s two am I sigh and think, Well I do need to find something to wear for the funeral. I let go of Jasper and get out of bed. I go over to my closet and start looking through my clothes. I use my new night vision to look instead of waking up Jasper by cutting on the lights.
    I find a pair of black slacks than my only nice collared shirt. When I pulled them both out, I see that the sleeves were ripped off the shirt then chuckled quietly. I hang them up on the knob of the closet door and walk back to the bed. I pick Jasper up careful not to wake him and take to the guest room only to find Uncle James and Aunt Allie sleeping on separate beds. I shrug then take him to the living and lay him on the couch. I grab a blanket and cover him up. Then I go into the kitchen, cut on the light to find my older cousin, Chris standing in the front of the fridge with the door open.
    You know, you"re wasting energy when you do that,” I say smirking and walk to the cupboard to get a glass out. He turns around holding a blood bag in his hand and says in a dangerous voice, Why is there blood in the fridge?” I get a glass out, take the bag from him, and reply while pouring some of the blood into the glass, I put it there.” He pulls out a stake and says, Vampire. You attacked my mother then you bite my brother and now you put blood in the fridge. You erased her memory of it then put a false memory in my father"s head. Who are you and what have you done with Alex?” I put the bag back in the fridge and takes a sip before answering, I"m still Alex. Just the darker version of me though. I attacked Aunt Allie because she made me and lost control. I didn"t want to hurt her and Jasper. He"s the only one who"s honest with me and he wanted it.”
    Chris runs at me raising the stake and I finish my glass of blood. He stabs me in heart with it and I wince. He steps back and I lean against the counter in pain. After two minutes, Chris says, Why aren"t you dead yet? It"s supposed to work.” I laugh and pull the stake out of myself. I"m not the average vampire Chris. Plus my mistress doesn"t want me dead,” I reply, But I will have to tell her about you, vampire hunter.” My heart heals as I throw away the stake and the glass. What a mess, you"re cleaning it up Chris,” I say as I leave the kitchen.

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