Misfit Part 1 still continued

  • Once I was outside the mansion, I ran to my house. I feel myself running faster than humanly possible and laugh. When I finally reach the place, I find that there are police cars in front of it and my Aunt Allie"s car. I walk to the house and go inside. Then I head into the living room, only to find Officer Cooper, Sheriff Simmons, and Aunt Allie sitting in chairs and on the couch. Aunt Allie pounces on me, smothering me in a hug and cries saying, Where have you been? I"ve so worried about you. That and your father"s funeral are two days away. I hug her back and reply, Aunt, I"ve been with some nice people, so don"t worry. Now about the funeral, where will it be held and will he be buried beside Mom?” She raised her hand and swung it toward my face but I stopped it by gently grabbing her wrist. I"m sorry that was out of line,” I nodded to the officers and continue, Your job is finished here. Thank you stopping by.” They left leaving Aunt Allie and me alone.
    Aunt, do you really think that smacking me will change anything? I"ve been gone awhile,” I say sighing. I let go of her hand and she steps back replying, You"re a very bad boy. You deserved being beaten by your father and losing your mother the way you did. You"re good for nothing and a waste of space.” My eyes being already red glowed bright red and on impulse, I bite her neck, piercing the skin with my fangs. She screamed and I covered her mouth while drinking her blood. Soon she was limp in my arms and I could barely hear her heart beat. I stop and take my mouth off her neck. She looks at me scared and I say, Now dear aunt, you know my dark secret. So I"ll have to make you forget.”
    I look into her eyes and say in deep voice, What happened was that your husband got to kinky in the bedroom and bit you.” She nodded and passed out. I laid her down on the couch then went into the kitchen, washed my face, neck, and teeth clean than grabbed the first aid kit. I went back into the living room and bandaged her wound. After awhile, I called Uncle James and said, Hey Uncle James, your wife is at my house passed out. Do you mind picking her up?” I could hear him swear then he hung up.
    30 minutes later…
    I hear the door bell ring and I answer the door, finding Uncle James. Hello uncle,” I say to him smiling, She"s on the couch.” He nodded went into the living room and I followed. I step in front of him, look him in the eye, and say in the same deep voice I used on Aunt Allie, Now what happened to her was that you got too kinky in the bedroom, bit her, and drew too much blood. She needs to go to hospital right now.” Uncle James said, Out of my way. I need to get her to hospital!” He shoved past me, picked her up and left the house. He put her in the car than got in and drove off. Interesting, I think as I close the door, I wonder what else I can do. I start feeling tired and goes up to my room. I take off my clothes and put on a pair of pajama bottoms. I lie down in my own bed, pull up the covers and fall asleep.
    I wake up to the sound of someone entering the house, get out of bed, and soon I"m down stairs. Who"s there? I don"t take kindly to intruders,” I say and bares my fangs. I hear a plate break in the kitchen then my cousin, Jasper, steps out of the kitchen. Hello Alex. You seem different. I noticed Mom"s car in your driveway and wondered if she was here,” Jasper replied. I sigh and say back, She"s at the hospital with Uncle James.” His eyes got big and he ran out of the house. I shake my head and think, There went my day nap. Might as well go to school. I look at the microwave oven clock and see I have an hour to get ready for school.
    I yawn and start looking in the cabinets for something to eat. Finding nothing there except a bag of coffee and a box of tea bags, I search the freezer and fridge. There"s no blood or anything there. I make a pot of coffee then go up to my room to get dressed. After I finished, I came back down and went into the kitchen. I got a mug down and made myself a cup of coffee. I take a sip and turn around to find Jeff watching me. So this is where you"re hiding. The mistress is worried about you so she sent me to find you,” he said and I notice a ring on his finger. I take another sip and reply, Tell her that the funeral is one day away.” Jeff nods and leaves.
    I finish my coffee, than finish getting ready. I grab my back pack and walk to school. I look at the sun than look at ground as I walk thinking, So I"m one of the few vampires who can walk in the sun. Great. When I get to school, I go straight to office and hand the secretary my note of absence. She hands me a slip of paper for my teachers to sign than I go to my first class. I show the teacher the note; she signed it than I sat in my usual seat at the back of the class. It was like that the rest of the day yet no one came near me to even bully me which was a first, at least during school hours. When my last class ended and the bell rang was when the jocks ambushed me. I had just walked out of the classroom, when they walked to me and one of them tried to hit me. I caught his fist and without thinking, slammed him on the ground, knocking him out.
    Now, does anyone else wish to take me on?” I ask with no emotion on my face. They all run away and I just chuckle. I walk home feeling hungry again. I took a detour to the blood bank and walked into the building. No one seemed to notice I existed and I just walked to the blood fridge. I go inside and start putting blood bags in my back bag. Then an employee walks on me and said, Hey kid! Get out of here before I call the cops and put those bags back.” I zip up my bag, put the strap on my shoulder, walk up to the man, look him in eye, and say in a deep voice, Sir, forget what you just saw and tell anyone who asks about the missing bags that they simply miss counted.” He nodded and left the fridge. I walked out of the fridge then the blood bank and still no one seemed to know I even existed. I felt lonely and kept walking to my home.

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