Universal to make Cinematic Universe for their Classic Movie Monsters

  • http://deadline.com/2014/07/universal-classic-movie-monsters-805169/

    I'm quite late to this news, but I find it quite exciting all the same.

    Boy, Marvel really didn't know what they started with the success of their shared movie universe.

    Not only did it motivate WB/DC to sell their own heroes in said format, but now Universal is getting in on the action with their classic movie monsters. Individual movies first and then the crossover entries.

    I honestly think it's about time Universal gave their most enduring legacy a reboot. These movies are old enough in history that it doesn't seem too soon and could offer a contemporary take. (Mind you, Dracula, Frankenstein, etc. have received numerous movie adaptations…but most not being from Universal, which first had a shared movie universe for its monsters in the 30s-40s..and who first immortalized these monsters on film. Though due to the times and there being no home video, things like continuity took a backseat.)

    The planned roster thus far being Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolf Man, The Creature Of The Black Lagoon, The Invisible Man, The Bride Of Frankenstein, and The Mummy.

    As the article said, it's a better idea for Universal to formalize the approach towards a shared universe rather than a bunch of different projects by different teams with no communication in between.

    Dracula Untold was originally its own thing, but the ending was re-filmed and it's now considered the start of the new shared universe as the origin of Dracula. Next up is going to be 'The Mummy' in 2016.

    I'm excited for the individual films, but I'm looking forward to getting to the crossover 'monster mash' movies. ^___^

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