Misfit- Part 1 continued.

  • When we go inside the mansion, a young man greets Crystal saying, Crystal, darling, welcome back, he hugs her and looks at me, Who is this boy? Is he the one Jackson had a crush on?” She hugs him back and replies, Yes Shadow dear. He also did our dirty work for us tonight too.” Shadow looked at me surprised then laughed. My, my. He must have said something that upset you, right Alex?” He said with a smirk. You vampires are sick,” I looked at them both with disgust and continued, Where"s my room?” A woman walked out of a nearby room and stared at me. Crystal and Shadow both bowed and said to her, Hello Lady Luna, how are you feeling today?” She replied to them, I"m better today thank you,” she then walked up to me, So you must be Alex Atlas, nice to meet you.” I looked at her and relied, No the pleasure is mine madam.” She hugged me smiling and said, So well behaved and cute. Welcome to the Moon coven. I"m the mistress of this mansion.” I hug her back blushing and unsure what to say.
    Lady Luna held me close to her and strokes my hair. Crystal and Shadow go up a big flight of stairs and soon I"m alone with her. She bites my neck and I wince asking, Why?” She keeps drinking my blood and I grow limp in her arms gasping. She stopped and finally replied with my blood dripping from her fangs, You smell and taste like my lover, well your scent is stronger than his was. He died a long time ago. I"ll make you my equal and soon my dear little Alex, you"ll be mine.” She bites her wrist and holds it in front of my mouth. Unable to restrain myself, I bite her wrist and drink her blood. It tasted much better than the human blood I had earlier and soon I had my strength back. She pulls her wrist away and whispers sweetly in my ear, Rest Alex. You must be exhausted from your transformation and killing Jackson in the same night.”
    Yes, my lady,” I reply growing tired, your wish is my command.” I pass out in her arms. I wake up the next night and she"s lying beside me watching me. Good you"re awake,” she said smiling, I want you to meet the rest of the coven. You"ve already met Crystal and Shadow. That leaves three more members for you to get to know.” I sit up, look at her, and reply, Are you going to introduce me to them?” She shakes her head. Alright, I"ll go find them myself,” I say getting off the bed. She just smiled with those deadly yet beautiful fangs. I shake my head and leave the room. As I explore the mansion, I see another young lady. Hello miss,” I say to her, I"m Alex. Lady Luna wanted me to meet the rest of the coven tonight.” The girl smiled and said, Well then Alex, I"m Raven. Nice to finally meet you.” Raven hugged me and whispered in my ear, Be careful with the mistress. She has a liking for young men like you who are lost.” I hug her back and replied, Why do you say that?” She looked at me then walked away.
    That was strange, I thought as I walked down the hall, I wonder what Raven meant by that. I discover a library and enter it curious. As I look at the massive book cases with all sorts of books, I bump into another young man. He looked at me and snarled, Watch where you"re going, newbie.” I bow and reply politely, I"m sorry sir. I didn"t see you there. I"m Alex by the way.” His face softens a bit and he smiled saying, It"s alright. I"m Jefferson, but you can call me Jeff. By the way, good work killing Jackson. He was a pain to put up with.” Jeff patted my shoulder and walks off into the maze of book cases. I shrug and leave the library. These vampires get stranger and more odd, I think as I walk up a flight of stairs.
    When I get to the top of the stairs, there was only one door at the top. I touch the handle, find that"s it"s not locked and opens it. I look around and the room is empty except for a coffin. As I start to close the door, the coffin lid slides off and a man sits up. I freeze and stare at him. He looks at me with purple eyes and says, Well, well. What do we have here?” I blink and he"s right in front of me looking at me. I bow and reply, I"m Alex. Lady Luna said I could explore the mansion and meet the coven.” He smirked, grabs me and pulls me close saying, Lady Luna, huh? She must like you. I can see why, you"re cute.” Sir,” I said, What are you going to do to me?” He chuckled and replied, My name is Andrew and don"t worry I won"t do anything to hurt you. Unless the dear lady wants it. I just wanted see you for myself and to be honest I would like for you to be my lover.”
    Andrew pulled me closer and kisses me on the lips. I didn"t kiss him back and tries to pull away from him but soon realize he"s stronger than me. I hear the door open and someone pulls me away from Andrew. Andrew, you know he belongs to Lady Luna now,” Shadow said and holds me close to him, That means he"s one of us now, one of her children, just like you and us. If she hears what you"ve done, you know what she"ll do to you.” Andrew laughed and replied, What about you and Crystal? Does she know that you two are lovers now?” Shadow bares his fangs and hisses, Yes the mistress knows and has given us her blessing. However, she has given him her blood.” Andrew"s eyes turn from purple to red, bares his fangs, and storms out of the room. Shadow lets go of me and says, Why did she choose you, Alex? I mean Jeff, Jackson, and Andrew would have been great companions for her. Although Jackson did act without her permission and we can"t disobey a pureblood, but he did it anyway.”
    Shadow stared at me and sniffed saying, That"s strange. I should be able to smell her blood in you, but I don"t. I only smell yours…you must be a rare vampire.” I look at him with no emotion and reply, What do you mean by that?” He sighed and said, I mean you"re not a pureblood but not one of us. You"re a day walker which is rare in itself but you can resist her control if you wanted too.” He walked away and soon I was alone. A day walker? Pureblood? Those must be vampire terms and ranks, I thought as I walked down the stairs. When I reach the bottom step, I can voices being raised in what sounded like a heated discussion and I follow the sound to a sitting room. When I enter the room, I see Lady Luna reclining on a love seat, Andrew standing in the middle of the room, Shadow sitting in a chair with Crystal in his lap, and Jeff sitting on a couch. They all stop talking and look at me.
    I take a step back and say, Sorry. I"ll just go now.” As I turn to leave, Lady Luna said in a commanding voice, No stay Alex.” I stop and turn around against my own will. She smiles and purred, Now, be a dear and sit with me.” She sits up as I walk over to her and sit beside her again against my will. Andrew glared at her and said in a dangerous tone, My lady, you"re taking things too far now. I can tell he doesn"t want to be here. I also want him to be my soul mate since you stole mine years ago.” Jeff gets up, walks over to him, and then looks at Lady Luna saying, May I teach him a lesson mistress?” She nodded and Jeff grabbed Andrew"s arm, dragging him out of the room.
    Crystal looked at us and asked, My lady, what do you see in Alex that you didn"t see in Jeff, Jack, or Andrew?” Lady Luna smiled, pulls me close to her, and replies stroking my face, He"s special and different. He"s a day walker like Jackson but I can tell there"s something unique about him. I want him to be one of my children like you, Shadow, Jeff, and Andrew. I don"t want him as a lover; I just want to keep him safe.” I pull away from her and stand up saying, I"m going out. Luna, I hope you don"t mind but I made a promise to myself that I would attend my father"s funeral. I missed my mother"s so I need to at least attend this one.” Crystal and Shadow looked shocked at me, but Lady Luna looked at me sadly saying, Of course you may go. Just come back safely.” I nodded and left the mansion.

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