Misfit- an orginal story Part 1

  • Misfit-part 1
    Here I am, running through an alleyway, badly injured and bleeding heavily. Everything is becoming bleary; I"m becoming so cold and numb that I could barely feel the cool night air. It"s only a matter of time before I lose consciousness yet still I stumble on, fleeing from an abusive alcoholic of a father and my horrid past which haunts me in my dreams. As everything grows dark and I lose consciousness, I feel someone catch me as I fall and something pierces my neck. I come too in my own bed feeling better than ever. I roll over and check the clock shocked to discover that I had overslept and am now late for school. I throw on a clean black shirt, underwear, and jeans saying, Dang it. Overslept again. I find a pair of socks put them on along with my only pair of shoes then grab my book bag and run out of the house not even bothering to see if there was anything to eat in the cabinet.
    I made it to my school just as the first bell rang and ran to my first class, English 3. The rest of the school day is a lot of the usual stuff, mostly trying to avoid the jocks and ignoring all the usual insults about how I look like a zombie or being called a freak and some other names I would rather not repeat. At least until my second to last class of the day, Chemistry, when I"m called up to the office. I picked up my back pack and walk to the office wondering what I did wrong. When I entered the office, there are two cops standing at the secretary"s desk waiting for me. They told me to sit down, which I did without hesitation. The older cop, whose badge read Cooper, said, I"m sorry to have to tell you this, but your father"s dead.” I looked at him for a second before replying, Where did you find the body?” The younger cop said, Kid, did you just hear him? He said your daddy"s dead.” I had no emotion on my face as I turned to look at the other cop and said, Yes I did hear him. I was merely asking where his body was found because he has a habit of getting really drunk and disappearing for days even weeks.” The cops looked at each other then Officer Cooper looked at me saying, Alex Atlas, was your father abusive by any chance?” I simply nodded and the younger cop asked, Did you kill him?” I busted out laughing saying, He"s stronger then I am. How I could possibly overpower him?”
    They looked at each other then looked at me and Officer Cooper said, We need to take you down town for questioning.” I shrugged, held out my arms, and said, Go ahead. Arrest me. I have nothing to hide and by the way I haven"t seen my dad in two days.” The officers laughed and replied, We"re not going to arrest you kid. We just need to find you a place to live now that your father is gone.”
    Two hours later…
    I"m sitting in the sheriff"s office while he calls all my relatives to see if any of them would pick me up from the police station. I suddenly remembered that night two days ago when I was running away from home after being beat by my father and passing out. But I also remembered someone catching me and they were cold as ice. I rubbed my neck and felt a bite mark on my neck. I shook my head and thought to myself, You"re imagining things. You lost a lot of blood that night and you probably dreamed it. The sheriff put the phone back on the hook and looked at me saying, It seems like none of your relatives want to take you in.” I sigh and reply, I"m not surprised. They all didn"t like my father so it"s natural that they don"t want anything to do with me. So, when will my father"s funeral be?” He looked at me surprised and asked, Why do you ask that?” I looked back at him and said, Because he"s dead and he needs to be buried soon, but I can"t afford a funeral service.”
    He nodded, looking thoughtful, and said, Tell you what sonny, we"ll figure out something and by the way do you mind if we do an autopsy on his body?” Why?” I asked, Do you want to find out how he died or something?” I looked at the name plate on his desk and saw it said Sheriff J. D. Simmons. Never mind Sheriff Simmons, do what you want with the body.” I said and sighed. Sheriff Simmons looked shocked and said, Are you sure kid?” I nodded feeling numb emotionally and ready to take a nap. Another officer came in and said to the sheriff, Sir there"s someone here to pick up the kid.” He looked surprised and left the office with the officer. I leaned back my head against the head rest of the seat and thought, I wonder who could be here to get me…my relatives don"t want me, so who could it be? Three minutes later, the sheriff came back in with a young man who looked like he was in his late teens early twenties. The young man looked at me with red eyes and smiled. I looked at his teeth which were unusually white and he had fangs like a vampire.
    Sheriff Simmons introduced the young man as Jackson Clemons and I simply nodded. Jackson looked at me concerned and said, Alex, you don"t look well.” I looked away from him and replied, I"ve had a long day and I"m tired.” My eyes close and everything grows dark. I wake up in a bed in a place I didn"t know. I look around the room and see Jackson sitting in a chair reading the newspaper. Jackson, how long have I been out?” I asked sitting up. He looks at me with blue eyes and replies, Two days.” I feel my neck for any more bite marks then not finding any, touches the bite wound and winces. I look at him and say, You"re a vampire, aren"t you?” His eyes turn red and said, Yes I am.” Before I could do anything, he sinks his fangs into my neck and I black out again. I wake up again in my own room, look at the clock, and sees that it"s midnight.
    I"m feeling strangely thirsty as I get out of bed. I look at myself in the mirror and what I see couldn"t possibly be me. I see myself but with blood red eyes and when I open my mouth I see fangs. No, this can"t be…” I gasp and stumble backward, I can"t be…a vampire.” I shake my head and goes to the kitchen. So hungry…” I moan and stumble into the kitchen, I hope there"s something to eat.” Walking toward the fridge, I collapse onto the floor and starts crawling. I finally reach the fridge, managing to sit up, and I open the door to find blood bags. What the…” I say as I stare at the delicious, tasty blood and shake my head, I"m not a killer.” Yet I find myself grabbing a blood bag out of the fridge and biting into it.
    The moment the blood hit my tongue, I knew that there was no return and I finish the bag in ten minutes. I stood up, threw the bag away and walk into the living room where I find Jackson and a young lady close to my age. I stare at them then say, What are you doing in my house?” The lady said, It was Jackson"s idea to bring you back to a place you"re familiar with so that you don"t feel overwhelmed by all the changes. I"m Crystal and you must be Alex.” She stands up, walks over to me and hugs me. Surprised, I hug her back and she whispers in my ear, You have a nice dark scent. It"s almost overwhelming. No wonder Jackson fed on you.” She let"s go smiling and I glare at Jackson. Thanks to you Jackson, I"m now even more an outcast then I was before. I"ve become one of the damned,” I say turning and leaving the room. I walk to the front door and think, I"m now a creature of the night…a vampire. I just wanted a normal life and a normal family, but I ended up with an abusive father and now he"s dead. I sigh and leave the house walking toward the park. I pass by people on their way home from staying out late and I can hear their hearts beat and smell the blood running through their veins. I bare my new fangs and my eye glow bright red at the thought of blood.
    Half way to the park, I pass by the city cemetery and stop. I look toward the head stones and think Will I be able to attend my father"s funeral? Can I be in the sun? I walk up to the gate, lick my fangs, and jump over the fence. I go to my mother"s grave and sit in front of it. I sigh and say, Hey Mom. Sorry I kept you waiting. Dad"s dead and I"ve become a vampire. If you were here, what would you do?” I hear something and look around. I see someone watching me and say, You can come out now. Jackson.” He steps out from behind a tree and walks toward me. So, your mother died and now I"ve killed your father,” he said smiling with those fangs. I stand up, break a branch off a tree, and drive the branch through his heart. Jackson gasps and lands on the ground dead.
    I stare at his body and then look around to see if anyone saw what I did. Then Crystal jumps down from the tree, grabs me from behind and hugs me saying, Oh Alex. You know, our or should I say my coven was planning on doing what you just did. He"s been out of control for some time now. They"ll thank you. So come with me to the mansion and you"ll finally get the family you want so badly.” My eyes widen and I hang my head. I"m really that obvious?” I ask and clench my fists. She pulls me closer to her and whispers, No. It was just an educated guess based on your past.” I nodded feeling hungry again and she smiles, picking me up, and runs to her home. When we get there, she sets me down and I look at the mansion. It was definitely based off the Gothic period of architecture.
    to be continued

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