What are these cloths called (From laughing under the clouds)

  • Hey guys and gals,

    So I am morbidly obese (started at 379 pounds and I'm 6'1") and I have been working hard at losing weight. So far I have lost 47 pounds and gone down 2 shirt sizes. The thing is I get bored of working out so I like to pretend I'm a ninja/samurai/etc (I bought a shani and a punching bag that are both really good workouts ^_^) . I thought I would try cosplaying as I work out and I really like these outfits from "Laughing under the clouds" (see attached) Here: and here: . I can't find any cloths that look like this so that I can buy them or study so I can TRY to make them. So does anyone know the proper names of these?

    ~ Zero

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