Authorizing 2 Xboxes in one household

  • I have two Xboxes in my home. One is the primary, and the other (the older one) serves mostly as a media hub. Every time I log into the Funimation App on one Xbox, it completely logs me out of the app on the other Xbox. This would not be that much of an issue if I wasn't required to re-type my login and password every single time I decide to change rooms.
    I don't mind or care if we're only allowed to play content from one device at a time, I would just like to have both my Xboxes/apps authorized to immediately play said content as is done for other subscription apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. without having to log in every time.


  • @squareparty - Are both of these Xboxes using the same Xbox Live ID?

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