Season 3

  • so why is there going to be no season 3 ? i just found the show and love it. but herd it is canceled, why ?

  • Well, because not enough people liked it enough to buy it

    For what it's worth, there's two movies out there. One has been licensed and released (which takes place after season two), while the other (the one that ends the anime series) is still unlicensed

  • I know this probably doesn't mean much. But i was thinking about starting a petition so the "Heavens Lost Property" community can try and change FUNimations mind on stopping the series. I would love more of this series. I have been dying for more.

    If you could help and want to start the petition in hopes for more Seasons you can email me at
    [edit]Please do not post your personal email address on the forums. -SH[edit]

    The community for Spice and Wolf started one and we almost have 15000 signatures
    [editl]And do NOT link to petition sites. Anime petitions simply DO NOT WORK. -SH[edit]

  • Dear ali3n2415:

    Please understand, it is NOT up to FUNimation to decide whether or not to create a third season of Heaven's Lost Property. In fact, it's not under FUNimation's control at all.

    Please read this. It'll help you understand the situation:

    I'm going to lock this topic up now.

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