What are your thoughts about Laughing Under the Clouds?

  • I'm watching this show, and I want to talk about it. If you'd like to join me, please do! If not, I'll just talk to myself in here, that's OK. :P

    So, was the bad guy today voiced by J. Michael Tatum? I'm pretty sure it was, and it got a fangirl squee out of me. I love the relationship between these brothers, but I'd like to move the story along a little bit faster. I would be interested to see the uncensored version of today's episode. I wonder if they'll leave in the full-frontal nudity. The Kumoh brothers seem to have a lot of friends. I get the feeling that some of those friends are not as loyal as they should be. We'll see where this takes us.

  • I don't mind it. Reminds me of Hakkenden with more interesting action happening

    I don't really care for the setting or the snail's pace, however, and obviously I don't care about the sexy hot half naked boyz II men

  • :P I know you don't, but I'm enjoying it!

    The pacing is really bothering me, but I don't know if it's just that I've gotten used to binge-watching or if it's really that slow.

  • Damn! Just as something's starting to happen, the episode ends. This show has been way too rainbows and kittens, so far. I need conflict!!

  • I'm really enjoying this one and if you watched the latest episode, you know things are starting to happen. Only problem, I knew a couple of answers, but was surprised at others (don't want to give anything away). This season is not my favorite so I'm glad I have this to watch.

  • Wah!!! Stupid anime making me cry. I never expected this to happen!! This sucks!! I'll keep watching, but WAH!!!!

    I am so not OK right now. First Summer Wars and now this.

  • I'm somewhat surprised that they seemed to go through with it in episode 6.

    I'm not sure for whom this show is intended as it has some more brutal elements that don't seem to jibe with its Hetalia-esque elements.

  • I'd still say it's for the females, given the handsome boys (though my brother mentioned he was enjoying it and didn't get a female-oriented vibe from it)

    It's much closer to Hakkenden than it is to Hetalia, though

  • It does that something for everyone balancing act very well. It's got enough action to appeal to the stereotypical male demographic, and enough eye candy to keep everyone happy (female soldier girl wearing nothing but breast bindings, naked Tenka, it's all pretty equal).

  • @sidereal_presence:

    I'm somewhat surprised that they seemed to go through with it in episode 6.

    Believe me, I've been trying to figure out how

    ! they will bring him back. I haven't been watching the simulcasts, so no spoilers, please. I've got several theories.

  • I'm a guy, and the show appeals to me as well, it did take a couple of episodes to get me hooked though. I can't wait for the English version of episode 7.

  • Regarding today's broadcast dub: Well, that sucks. I'm still really enjoying this show, but it keeps on getting darker and I'm not sure if anything will ever be OK. I'm scared, please hold me.

  • I like most of you really enjoy this show, I cant wait till they release a hard copy! Limited Edition where are youuuuuuuuu

  • YAY!!!!!! That's all I can say without spoilers.

  • I love this show. The voice actors are amazing.

  • The finale made me cry again, but this time in a good way. Loved this show and everyone who had anything to do with it. Funimation did good.

  • @paige62182:

    I would be interested to see the uncensored version of today's episode. I wonder if they'll leave in the full-frontal nudity.

    Doubtful, since the manga was drawn with the nudity blocked out in the same manner. I think it's funnier that way. :)

  • I absolutely love this show. I thought the storyline moved at a decent pace, there were some nice twists and I appreciated the heartfelt moments. It's a good show that can even make me cry or cheer when something happens. I loved both the sub and dub and it was nice to hear some new voices (for me at least).

  • I loved it too! I really like happy endings when there are families involved, so at certain points throughout the series, I was really scared that I wouldn't get my happy ending. I cried a lot! This show put me through the wringer, but I still loved it!

  • I am definitely going to pre-order this when FUNimation makes the announcement. Hopefully a special edition will be involved.

    Sidebar but still related: anyone know if the manga will be released in the states? I've been scouring the net but it looks like a no right now.

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