Halo - The Master Chief Collection

  • As I'm sure those of you who've tried to play H:TMCC, and actually survived the 15 gig download are all too familiar with is, the rampantly crippled multi-player from day-one. And after a week of raging butthurt, 343 Industries has bestowed upon us this evening a big update to supposedly address those butthurt inducing MP issues.

    Sadly, as I write this, I am waiting for a game to begin that has showed, "Players Found" for over fifteen minutes. It seems to me, that very little has actually changed with this new update.

    So, am I the only one? I live in south Texas.

    Is this problem still persistent for others of you?

    This isn't a rage thread… but I'll understand if you feel the need to vent over a half-working $60 game. I mean, all we wanted to do was rage on the battlefield and give some lumps to the noobs of the next generation... is that too much to ask?

  • I decided not to get it, I just haven't found HALO fun since halo 3. Instead I got Destiny and was very happy with it.

  • Matchmaking worked a lot better for me, but I'm still getting that weird background glitch that I can't back out of.

  • I'm still being ejected from the session between matches (when I can get in a match that is). I'm getting the eternal search screen, and when or if it decides to show, players found, it will sit there for a long time before finally saying I've lost connection.

  • I bought it, but I just got my Xbox One in a Black Friday sale. Hopefully, I'll be playing when the Halo 5 Beta comes out.

  • The most recent 3 gig update seems to have corrected nearly all of the issues. Though it does still take about four or so minutes to get into a match session. That being said, the online game play seems smoother, and less off-kelter. I haven't tried the campaign since the update, but I'm hearing that it was greatly updated as well. So for the time being, it's all good. Which gives me better hope for Halo 5. Though with all the recent next-gen games being released with such major issues, I'm really wishing that the developers would take more time on a release to give us better games, and not rush a game just to meet a dead-line.

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