Deer Hunting

  • (Gun) Deer Hunting opens up in a few days here in Wisconsin, So I thought I'd see who else out there is a hunter. Deer Hunting is really popular in my area, and this Saturday until next week there will be a lot of people calling in sick from work so they can head out to the woods and get a nice deer :). I bought my first rifle this year (Saiga .308) and am looking forward to see what I can get the opening morning of deer hunting. I can't wait to get some fresh venison

    I was wondering if anyone here hunts. If you do, what do you regularly hunt / what do you hunt with.

    I usually go Turkey hunting (Shotgun), Deer hunting (Bow), Deer hunting (Gun), and Coyote hunting.

  • I don't hunt, but my dad and little brother do. I eat whatever they bring me. :P

  • My father and older brother do, but i only been hurting once, i find it boring.

  • My dad and brother hunt, but I don't. I just eat whatever they get. My dad hunts deer and pheasant, my brother only hunts pheasant for now.

  • The men in my family hunt deer, hogs, a variety of birds (pheasants, doves, turkey, ducks, quail, etc.). Hogs are a nuisance animal in our area, so they hunt them year-round. Everything else has a designated season.

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