Funimation app on xbox one?

  • now i know there are a couple of threads already asking about this but i'm going to post another to draw more attention to the xbox one.

    back in july i asked the same question about funimation coming to the xbox one and i simply got the answer that ps4 simply had double the consoles sold and thats why it was on ps4 and not the xbox one(ps4 had 8 mill sold). As of right now the xbox one has sold 8.6 mil consoles and has over taken the american market which means there are currently more xbox one owners in america than ps4. its already being predicted due to price cuts and constant exclusive games that the xbox one will surpass the ps4 in sales before the end of the year.

    SOOOO my question ounce again is when will we be seeing a funimation app for the xbox one? its kinda silly not to at this point….you did it for the ps4 whenit had had 8 mill so why not put it on the xbox one when its almost to the 9 mil mark and by the end of the year it should surpase the 13-14 mil mark. i dont even watch the funimation app on my 360 anymore because its too much of an hassle to swap back and forth on my consoles

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