Akatsuki no Yona voice actors:

  • Hello, its me Tayla. I have on what I think on who should play who in the up coming Anime series known as ' Akatsuki no Yona' to soon being in English dubbed on some that I might again be right on who plays who, you know? I hope it does help you out well.

    Voice actors:

    Cherami Leigh - Yona
    Eric Vale - Hak Son
    Luci Christian - Yoon
    Todd Haberkorn - Ki-ja 'White Dragon'
    Greg Ayres - Voice & Music Shin-ah 'Blue Dragon'
    Ian Sinclair - Jae-ha 'Green Dragon'
    Vic Mignogna - Zeno 'Yellow Dragon'
    Justin Cook - Kye-sook
    John Burgmeier - Su-won
    Maxey Whitehead Voice Actor - Min-soo
    Christopher Ayres - Il 'Emperor IL'
    Caitlin Glass Voice Actor - Ao
    Robert McCollum Voice Actor Fan Page - Yu-hong
    TV's Christopher Sabat- Heang-dea
    Ryan Reynolds 'voice actress from FUNimation' - Tae-woo
    Monica Rial - Tae-yeon
    Cynthia Cranz - Fook-chi
    J. Michael Tatum - Ik-su
    Aaron Dismuke - Jun-gi An
    Patrick Seitz Voice Actor - Tae-jun Gang
    R Bruce Elliott - Su-jin Gang
    Micah Solusod - Ju-do Han
    Chuck Hüber - Gung-ta I
    Newton Pittman - Mun-deok Son

  • And that's exactly where I'm moving this topic to. :)

  • ok how do i become a vice actss for a anime?

  • Some of these characters aren't even in the anime yet (such as the yellow dragon). Are you sure that you didn't just copy and paste a list of the character names and then randomly assign them voice actor names that are also copied and pasted?

  • @iceshadow89:

    ok how do i become a vice actss for a anime?

    If SHIROBAKO is anything to go by you may not want to…it is 22 episodes in and the only member of the HS Anime club not working in anime is the one who wants to be a VA.

  • The official dub cast has been revealed:

    Monica Rial as Yona
    Christopher R. Sabat as Hak
    Ian Sinclair as Gija
    Clifford Chapin as Yun
    Eric Vale as Sinha
    Micah Solusod as Su-Won

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  • I agree about Monica Rial being miscast as Yona. She's too bubbly.

  • @doombunny:

    I agree about Monica Rial being miscast as Yona. She's too bubbly.

    I really like Monica Rial, I've enjoyed the shows she's been in, in the past and love her energy. However, I just don't see her as Yona. So I'm sad to say I have to agree with you. She's a great VA but her voice just doesn't fit the role. Especially after watching the sub version, it was a shock to hear her voice. It won't ruin the series for me as I love this show but the producer/director could have chosen a better fit for the part.

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