Anime Suggestion: Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters Un-cut

  • Major Funimation fan here, asking for fellow members and (hopefully) the company for their opinion on this anime.

    I remember Funimation worked on this before. With permission from 4Kids (who held the licence at the time), Funimation worked alongside the 4Kids dubbing studio to make uncut, unedited dubs of the original season of Yu-gi-oh. To date only, episodes 1-9 were released, but 10 to 12 were halted despite being finished. With 4Kids going under, the project had been cancelled.

    That being said, I think there is potential to revive this project. Konami now holds the license of their IP instead of 4Kids. Would it be possible for Funimation to do to Yu-gi-oh, like it did with One Piece? If so, I think that would be amazing.

  • nope. it's being distributed by New Video Group.

  • First of all the One Piece was a completely different situation. One Piece was dropped by 4kids, and was then re-licensed by FUNimation.

    The Yu-Gi-Oh! uncut dub was canned because 4kids felt that the uncut releases were 'competing' with their original edited dub. Also, now that Konami is in charge of the franchise, I don't think they have any interest in an uncut dub. Besides, the studio that dubs Yu-Gi-Oh! at the moment only work on one project at a time and their resources are currently dedicated to producing current projects (Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL) at the moment, so I don't expect them to re-dub anything for quite some time.

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