Rei vs. Asuka (Who would you choose?)

  • Imagine if you're Shinji ikari from NGE and you have a choice of choosing between Rei Ayanami and Asuka Langley Soryu to spend more time with.

  • Well, I'm not a shipper for this series, but I was browsing through some Shinji threads over on MFC a couple months ago and some posters made a very compelling argument for why Kaworu was the best match for him. Not because of yaoi goggles either, these were sound, well-thought out reasons. Sadly I can't seem to find whichever thread it was. :(

    My personal favorite character in the series was Misato though. I just don't think she'd be a good romantic partner for Shinji.

  • Shinji is best girl!

  • Poor Kawaru Nagisa is still at 0% :(

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