A message to the creator of spice and wolf and the future of spice and wolf part 1/5

  • I first I did not like anime but spice and wolf change my point of view I had on anime. I think it is a great show for people who don't watch anime (like me). And its a great start..now I am a big fan of this series…especially HOLO..who doesn't like her..I know I do..lol PART 1/4

  • Heys guys this is the last thing i want to say…I hope you guys (the creator of this show) can make a 3rd or more seasons. Although I heard that they are 17 novels and only 5 were presented in the 2 seasons. Which can mean that there may be more seasons to continue...its been 3 or 4 years since the show ended..will maybe because you guys are working on another show or something but I hope that you guys can work on the show again..because you guys do know how to make a good show especially Spice and Wolf....it will be sooo helpful if you can give us a confirm if you are going to work on it but don't know the date or not going to do it or let another company do it....Im a little bit mad..not mad..just worried...because for 3 or 4 years you haven't post or said nothing about the show...now I don't know this webpage that much but I just want to give my opinion and if you want to say something go ahead..or information of the topic I wrote..Please write it down..and like I said this show is a really great show and in my opinion it deserves more seasons and even a movie..lol..sorry for the long message..I just want this message to go to the fans of the show hope the creator of spice and wolf could respond to my message or respond with a message telling us about the future of spice and wolf...thank you for reading this it means a lot for me.. Bye

  • Hello. Welcome to the forums.

    Now please read this: http://www.funimation.com/forum/showthread.php?4539-Do-NOT-Request-Future-Seasons-of-Anime-%28New-Forum-Members-Please-Read%29

    In short: FUNimation does not make anime. They only license it from Japan. Therefore, they have absolutely no control over the creation of a future season of Spice & Wolf.

    This topic will now be closed.

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