Fifth Stage?

  • Just wondering if there are any plans yet for the release/dub of the fifth stage. If not, when might we expect plans to be made?

  • this show didn't sell well for them, so its doubtful they will be picking this up

  • Sadly it got such a low-key release here. I picked up copies of all 4 parts (which seemed to instantly go to SAVE, aka the anime graveyard) but I don't know what more I can do for this title. I saw it subbed (with all the Engrish it was hilarious) eons ago and enjoyed it, horrid CG not withstanding. I get it signed fairly frequently when I happen to encounter any of the English dub cast…and after a while they remember that they were in it lol; some of the older J Michael Tatum/Teri Doti podcasts mention the awkwardness in dubbing this one as "car guys" at Funimation were few and far between.

    I would like to see more of this, but I can't help but feel that the age of the series (for car enthusiasts this is like a period piece as the car tech is so ancient at this point), the bad CG and (especially) DJ Milky's (the TokyoPop doofus) horrible, criminal mishandling of this series have killed it in the eyes of many an anime fan.

  • Fifth Stage is pretty poor to be honest. As someone who knows what happens later on (via various plot points being described on fan forums), it's very very dull and the ending (which isn't even animated yet) is just a giant letdown. Funi not getting Fifth Stage is probably for the best because after Fourth Stage it just doesn't get much better.

    Battle Stage and Battle Stage 2 not being licensed does suck, however, because Battle Stage 2 has 2 races that were cut from Fourth Stage for time (Keisuke vs. Atsuro and Keisuke vs. Sakai), the latter of which was pretty interesting (former not so much)

  • Lackluster or not I'd still like to see it.

    Kinda surprised that Funimation hasn't made a "complete collection" version of Initial D. The last Initial D release from them was ~ 2 years ago, as far as I know. I've noticed that Sentai "we only do what we know brings in the cash" Filmworks has finally started releasing complete collections of some of its similar release so maybe there's some merit in Funimation doing that?

    Though, sadly, it seems that once a show hits SAVE it is not rereleased. This is somewhat saddening as there are some SAVE shows, like Solty Rei (never shoulda made it to SAVE; I weep for the anime community), which could really benefit from a more modern SAVE release.

  • Even though Fifth Stage sucked balls, I really do hope it gets licensed to FUNimation or some other company.

  • @Venny503:

    Even though Fifth Stage sucked balls, I really do hope it gets licensed to FUNimation or some other company.

    Don't count on it.

  • When (of if) Funimation finally dubs the last two stages (and Extra Stage 2), then I hope Funimation would be nice enough to bring back some the Tokyopop voice actors, like:

    Bridget Hoffman
    Crispin Freeman
    Dave Wittenberg
    David Rasner
    Derek Stephen Prince
    Doug Erholtz
    Grant George
    Jason Spisak
    Kat Cressida
    Kate Higgins
    Kerrigan Mahan
    Kirk Thornton
    Lex Lang
    Melissa Fahn
    Michael McConnohie
    Neil Kaplan
    Quinton Flynn
    Richard Cansino
    Robbie Rist
    Scott Menville
    Steven Blum
    Wally Wingert
    Yuri Lowenthal

    Otherwise, I want Viz Media to takeover and redub the entire franchise:

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