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  • New user here. I just started watching this show. I noticed on the Funi app that it only shows the first four episodes as dubbed. The rest are subtitled. When I log into the website, it shows all episodes have a dubbed version. Is this normal behavior for the app? Is it just something with my installation? I'd prefer to watch it on my iPad than on my computer. Thanks for any advice and clarification.

  • Log in on the app.

  • I have been logged into the app, on two devices now. Unfortunately, that's not the problem. Thanks for the response though.

  • On my Android devices, I see all of the eps of DxD New as being dubbed in the Funi app.

  • @yvo - Can you please submit a ticket with the reason code "Mobile and Tablet Apps" about this issue?

    It's likely that it is a log-in issue of some kind, but one of our techs can assist you in figuring out what sort. :)

  • Thanks for the insight. I'll be sure to do that. In the mean time, I hopped onto my old Nexus 7 and it seems to work fine on there. My new Apple devices seem to be the only issue. Puzzling but not a big deal. I appreciate everyone's assistance.

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