At an End?

  • I thought this series was absolutely fantastic, up until the last episode.
    I had been reading the books long before I'd found the Anime series and the first episode followed pretty well. I am fully aware of "filler" episode in TV series that follow Manga. A filler at the end? Seriously?
    Which bring me to my point: The animators did so well making the series and then they left us viewers with THAT as an end to the series.
    Its like a slap in the face! It felt like everything was rushed and made little sense as to what was being played out.

    Now that there has been a significant amount of chapter released, I wish the creators could pass the last episode off as a dream or nightmare that Clare (or even Roki) has. Then they could continue to produce the series.

    Just throwing that out there.
    Let me hear your thoughts.

  • i agree with you :3

  • Claymore was the anime that kicked off my recent indulgence back into anime. Well, maybe it was when I re watched Witchblade, and Claymore was the follow up. None the less, I liked this series so much that I bought the Bluray set! Despite the ending, this was a great series with some fantastic fight scenes and character development. I liked it a lot!

  • WWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAA…..............Claymore was so awesome until that pathetic ending. I mean, at least FMA had a decent ending.

    Since the Manga ended not too long ago (well, actually the Graphic Novel has two more issues left), I really hope there can be an FMA 2.0 here.

    I really wanted to see Clare have a real ending with Raki... sobs in a corner

    Yeah, Claymore was a great show. It also was an early show that got me into Anime.

  • @dmguaragno:

    Well, maybe it was when I re watched Witchblade, and Claymore was the follow up

    I'm betting that it was Witchblade that kicked it off. :)

  • This series was amazing! I really liked it and didn't feel that it was rushed. I have never read the manga of this (might start now ) but I didn't really have a problem with the ending, I thought it was a good ending that left off on an upbeat note (which was great after all the craziness/carnage they had all just gone through) and it left a lot open if they ever decide to continue with the series. I'll say the ending to this was WAY better than the ending of Guilty crown, idk wtf they did to mess that show up so bad, but the first half was awesome and I really liked it and then the second half of the series turned to crap and had one of the most horrible endings to an anime that I've seen.

  • Claymore was the 1st bluray I bought to get me back into buying anime again after my dvd catastrophe. Rated it a 10 out of 10 on my anime list, which is less then 20 out of the roughly 300 animes I seen that made the 10 rating list. Really praying to god they come back and add another couple of seasons like thier doing with the fate series. I would pay the aniplex price just to see some more of that anime. Heck I would even buy the darn manga, if I thought it would help get more of it out and I dont even read manga! lol So yeah I definitly love this anime a whole and recommend it to anyone who loves dark, superpower, creature, apocalyptic, fight for your life anime.

  • Claymore is my second favorite anime right after the legendary Yu Yu Hakusho. I love everything about it except the ending. It was rumored that the show would continue once the manga ends and ii seriously hope that's true. Also ii highly suggest reading/buying the manga as it continues the story and makes Claymore that much better!

  • i have not read any of the manga, but the anime was awesome except the ending, like why end a series on a massive teas like that? no dead bad guy we know little about the "war" and all and all the series should have had at least 3-4 more seasons. why does ever anime i watch need to end unfinished ?

  • I really loved this series but I really hated the ending. I don't think they'll ever finish it since it doesn't follow the manga but I've also heard that the manga is way better than the anime and it's still going.

  • @crashtheredneck:

    I've also heard that the manga is way better than the anime and it's still going.

    Actually, it's all over but the tankobans. ~_^

  • The ending wasn't that bad. It reached a good stopping point and left things open to continue the story if another season gets authorized.

  • I really wish they would add another season to the anime. I'm waiting on the last manga coming out in October. The rest of the manga would kill if they animated it.


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