FUNimation 2.3 Update - Video Usability Improvements Part 1

  • Happy Site Update Deploy Day, everyone! Welcome to version 2.3. Along with a few other video-related updates and backend development, this version brings you the ability to navigate between seasons from within the video player. It's pretty sweet. We hope that this and the other items listed below improves your anime-watching experience.

    Stay tuned for Version 2.4 (Video Usability Improvements Part 2).

    • We have added season navigation to the video player - Now, you can switch between seasons from the video player playlist
    • The +/- icon in the video player now adds/removes the entire show to/from your Queue instead of only the video currently being played.
    • The video player is now compatible with systems running Windows RT and with Windows Surface.
    • If you're on Safari 6 and above, closed captioning can now be enabled in the video player when it is available.
    • The Playlist Player and Queue Player pages have been optimized to increase performance.
    • We have fixed an issue that was causing Firefox to crash while viewing the video player in full screen in some cases.
    • We have fixed an issue that was causing the Hulu player to appear instead of the FUNimation player for users in Canada.

    If you aren't able to see any of these fabulous changes, please clear your cache and cookies.

    We would love to hear feedback on the latest update. However, if you are encountering any issues, please submit them to I will be working on the next update and will not be checking this thread for any site issues.

  • Great update. I just got a surface 3 to replace my iPad. The website is working well on my surface, but I have a few suggestions. When I go to the next episode it switches from dub to sub every time. I am able to switch it back no problem, but it's kinda a pain. Two other suggestions which I would like, but others may not is if the icons could be a little bigger. On the surface the buttons are pretty tiny, so it is hard to hit the right button with your finger. It's fine with a mouse, but the resolution/screen size combo of the surface make it pretty tiny. I would also prefer if touching the screen just brought up the menu instead of pausing it. Maybe it's just me, but I tap the screen to check the time and progress a lot and I don't really need it paused for that. Thanks Sophie. You're the best.

    Edit: I forgot to mention my profile settings are on dub. Let me know if I shouldn't have bumped this old post, but this is the one that mentioned adding surface support, so I thought it would be a good place where it wasn't to old.

  • Thanks! The language switch issue is a known one and will be fixed soon. It happens on all supported devices and browsers.

    The site is not optimized for mobile devices at all, so that's why everything is too small. We will certainly make everything more usable when we make the mobile version of the site. When we say "support", what we really mean is that the site won't be broken.

  • Not a problem. It's been getting the job done for me. Thanks for the reply.

  • I am curious, will the site offer continuous play like the PS3 app does? Does the site offer this feature already and I am just missing how it works??

  • Yes, continuous play is planned for the site player.

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