FUNimation 2.2 Update!

  • The below post was baleeted by an issue that happened in September. Thankfully, I still had this saved in Notepad, so please pretend that this was posted back in July.

    You may have noticed last week and probably more so today, that we've made some exciting changes to the site. Last week, we posted version 2.101 and today 2.102. These two batches of updates bring a lot of visible changes that we hope will make things easier for everyone, including an updated navigation menu and more ways to add Shows to your Queue. We've also fixed the issue in the forum where new posts weren't appearing immediately. Yay!

    We still have more improvements planned, so please keep those suggestions coming in our Suggestions Forum.

    Updated Navigation Menu (Header):

    • Primary Navigation

      • Watch - The Shows and Videos” sections have been merged and replaced with Watch.” This tab contains all show, episode, and movie content that can be streamed from the site.
      • Shop - This tab moved over a bit. Buy all your anime delights here.
      • News - What once was Blog is now called News, but still can be found at and now Go here to keep up-to-date on everything FUNimation is doing.
      • Simulcasts - Anime simulcasts go here. This used to be hidden in the depths of the Videos section, so now you're one less click away.
      • Subscribe - Not a subscriber? You'll see this menu. You should be clicking it to become a subscriber. Already a subscriber (thanks! :D), you won't see this menu.
    • Secondary Navigation

      • Schedule - Same as before. Go here for a schedule of streaming, DVD, and Blu-ray releases.
      • Apps - Same as before. Go here to find out which devices you can stream our sparktacular anime from.
      • Forum - Same as before (and where you are now).
      • More - Hovering over this reveals two other site sections that used to be visible on the header - TV and Games.

    Finding Anime:

    • The Shows page now only displays shows with videos available, but you can still find a full list if you use the scrolling list on

    • The "Latest" sort has been changed "Most Recent" and sorts the list just as it did before the update.

    • Each show thumbnail and show title now links to the Videos tab for the corresponding Show. (one less click)

    • There are now quick links to get you watching anime faster - Watch | Buy | Queue

      • Watch - links to the Videos tab for the corresponding Show
      • Buy - links to the Products tab for the corresponding Show
      • Queue - Add the Show to your Queue for easy access later.

    Add to Your Queue:

    • Click the brand new + icon that appears when you hover your mouse over any Show thumbnail
    • Go to any show site and click the + Queue button
    • Hover over any Show in a list of Shows and click the "Add to Queue" link in the hover box.

    Other Important Video Things:

    • We've added new sorts to videos and shows listed on Show sites, on, and on - From Beginning”, From End”, and Most Recent”. Hopefully, these make more sense.

    • We've updated the sorting behavior on videos with the same sunrise date in the same show. This fixes an issue where videos in some shows appeared in an awkward order.

    • Some of you living in Puerto Rico were unable to watch anime. That's fixed now. ^_^

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