Site Maintenance - Wednesday Morning Nov-12

  • We will be performing maintenance on early Wednesday morning beginning at 3 am CST. (That's "tonight" for those of you who are night owls and/or are in PST)

    We do not anticipate a full service outage at any point, but you may see unexpected site behavior between 3 am 7 am CST.

    While we anticipate a smooth maintenance period, if there are any issues, we'll be posting updates here.

  • We're still performing tests on the implemented items from this maintenance, so we're not announcing the all-clear yet, but things are looking pretty smooth and good at this point.

    We'll provide another update in a few hours.

  • The site maintenance is officially complete!

    If you were seeing any strange site behavior over the maintenance period, please try again. If you're still experiencing any issues, please submit a support ticket here, with an appropriate reason code for your issue:

    Click here for more information about the updates made with this maintenance

    In addition, we are aware that there is currently an issue with the About page for most shows. We're further investigating this issue at this time.

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