High School Dxd New digital copy

  • I bought the first season of High School DxD on Vudu a few months ago. I was just wondering if someone had any information on If and when High School DxD New will be available to buy digitally? I haven't been able to find any information on a digital copy.

  • Sorry if I'm late to the party here.

    Your question is hard to answer, since Vudu is an online distributor/streaming service. I can only compare them to some other similar company like NetFlix; who in my experience doesn't always get new videos/movies/shows immediately after they hit DVD/BD.

    I'm sure Vudu will get it eventually; there's just no way of knowing when.

  • I'd ask Vudu support about it– they're likely going to have a lot better information at this point than we will.

    The same really goes for any distribution platform that's not funimation.com. I can find out some answers sometimes, but usually it's a lot faster to contact the distributing company.

  • why is the steaming version censored???? it looks terrible!!

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