• I just joined today and have a question: does funimation actually claim videos on youtube if you give credit? i keeps saying that to ME but everyone on youtube has the same video
    Im a bit angry

  • It's complicated.

    While we cannot expressly authorize you to upload media that contains our copyrighted or licensed content, we do not actively seek to remove any of this content, provided that it falls under the categories of fair-use, parody, satire, critique or review.

    If you believe your content was taken down in error, please click on the following link and follow the directions on the page, for a counter notification:

    I'm not sure of the content that you're posting, and I won't be able to legally judge it or anything, however, part of Fair Use that many people forget about is that it does NOT include posting things that would "cause someone to not seek out licensed content". That doesn't mean you're more likely to get something taken down if it's a bad review! It DOES however mean that an AMV or review that has major plot spoilers for the anime in question is often no longer considered Fair Use.

  • Welcome to the forums; hope that you post a lot around here.

    If you are interested, don't forget to check out the link in my sig about requesting the FUNimation Channel.

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