Lord Marksman and Vanadis Season 1+ Episode Desucession (SPOILERS!!! Warnning!!!)

  • Ok I guess I'm the one kicking off this thread and I am so happy this series is turning out better then I thought when I first heard about it back in July. its more the just your average harem series with a J-RPG type setting. I just wish our M.C. his maid And all the Vanadis's were 2 years older at the start of this series.

  • Shows been good so far. Can tell that yeah possible harem ending for this one with Tigre getting close to all the War Maidens. After hearing about how the last maiden, Name escapes me right now, and how she basically just worked for the king even though she really didn't want to. Was glade to see that broke off that relation and agreed to e neutral as Tigre has asked of her. But the story have been pretty good so far, Tigre is in pretty bad shape right now. So have to see what happens to him next ep.

  • Ludmila is her name. she wasn't working for a king, just an extremely powerful duke with a huge amount of land

  • The last ep. While some of the events seemed rushed, all in all the show is good. Would like to see more of it as it. They hint about things to come so I think it would be a shame to let this end like this,

  • I agree. I really think they would be doing this show a disservice if they end up not making a second season.

  • well, sales data for vol 1 will be available on Tuesday, at which point we will have some idea of whether or not a second season might happen

  • im so hoping theres a second season!!!

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