Getting ready for the 2014 Best Anime Character Tournament

  • Now that we're in November, it's almost that time here at FUNi where we determine the best character in all of anime. Last year, Erza took the crown over Saber in a tournament that was largely dominated by Fate/Zero.

    I'm still planning the usual 1280 characters, but it's going to be difficult having ten characters in each first round match if there are going to be so few voting like there was in the Voice Actor/Seiyuu tournament, so I need to know how many are interested in participating.

    The master list from last year will obviously be changed to include characters from some of the more popular hit series from this past year. So, are you in?

  • I might be able to participate, might not. Chances are I'll be rather busy through the end of the year so I'll likely end up missing a lot of matches.

    Best of luck with tournament. It'd be great if we could see a bigger turn-out, that would definitely make things more interesting and fun.

  • Things have definitely slowed down around these parts; even I've become sort of a part-timer. I'll still go ahead with the tournament, of course, but I may very well cut it down to a 256-character field. I might actually miss the days where some people would fake an account just so they could give extra votes to their favorite characters! :P

  • I'm definitely participating like always. Hopefully a ton of people show up this time. So what's the exact date of this tournament?

  • Not only will I participate, but I'll also be sure to spam it on my twitter as well.

    Also, can we squeeze in some of the finalists from the other tournaments as well? Like the Amazons and MANLY tourneys?

  • Don't worry, Kenshiro is definitely in ~_^

    @Drew: No exact date yet, but it will start in early December. Expect a discussion thread later this month.

  • What's plan B if there is not enough people participating?

  • There would have to be a dreadfully low amount of people voting to be considered "not enough". I mean, if people just aren't voting, then there's no point in even having a tournament. I doubt that'll happen, though.

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