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    We have several different departments that handle different kinds of issues. All billing and product related issues are handled through a different department. I am unable to assist with these issues, and I am equally unable to provide any insight into queue times or to expedite these issues. All I can do is make sure that your issue is still "live" and that it's in the right queue for resolution.

    I can, however, provide assistance for technical support related issues. If you have not heard from Support about your technical issue in more than three days (not counting weekends!), please post here so that we can take a closer look at your issue, and why it has not been addressed.

    Please note– this does not mean that you have an issue that has remained unresolved for more that three days, as we're currently collecting information for resolution of a number of issues. This is just if you have submitted a Support ticket, and have not heard from Support, or sent additional information via e-mail to Support and not received a response from that.

    This is NOT a thread for new issues. If you have not yet submitted a ticket to Support about your issue, please do so. If you have submitted a ticket and it has been less that three business days since you have done so, please be patient and your issue will be addressed by the appropriate person, in the order it was received for that issue.

    (Old thread is here: http://www.funimation.com/forum/showthread.php?2468)

  • @CJ:

    All I can do is make sure that your issue is still "live" and that it's in the right queue for resolution.

    Am I still live? and in the right que for some type of reply? Its been over 12 days and I got zero reply with my question about the broadcast dubs. Im starting to wonder if anyone is working the other departments, because I recieved no replys from numerous tickets. The only ticket that seems to have ever had a reply was my 1st ticket about the new site launch and after that nothing. Took you guys 2 months to reply, and a additional 6 months to get a fix for the shop. Wouldve been nice if you guys couldve shot me a email saying hey cloud our shop is fixed, but no I had to stumble upon it myself. Should I put a trouble ticket in about never recieving replys on trouble tickets??? You know I wanna sign up for this EVS and support the broadcast dubs to these shows, but how the heck can I do that when there is zero support and zero information on your end. I realllly wish you had a phone # to call about now, so I can figure out what I want to do.

  • @cloudkicker - Hmm… Interestingly, I'm showing that only two of your tickets were handled by our technical support departments. I wonder if you're literally just not getting the e-mails from our Shop/Billing Support and Feedback departments. I'm not sure about your most recent ticket's answer-- I'm going to do a little more searching on that, but you've definitely been contacted several times with past issues by our billing department. I apologize if those e-mails went unreceived, but I can confirm they were definitely sent.

    Once again, we never said we were fixing the Shop-- you were the only one it was broken for, and we had to work on a three department resolution to create a workaround for you that was never used. We did not know we had fixed the Shop for you because you were the only person who was able to reproduce the issues you were experiencing, so we were unable to have our developers work on the issue. I am glad it's working for you, however!

    I'm going to see if I can get you an answer to your previous question, though. Thanks for your patience!

  • @cloudkicker - I was able to get you an official response to your inquiry. Please take this as an answer to your ticket, in lieu of an e-mail response:

    Every view counts towards helping a series' streaming numbers, we actually don't have a specific set goal for each title. The optimum time to get your views in would be within a week of the launch of the last simulcast episode. Think of it like broadcast television where ratings for a show count the most when it is airing on TV. If you don't like watching on your TV, may we suggest downloading one of our apps? We've got a Roku app that lets you stream to your television via set top box, plus an app for Xbox. (more information can be found here: http://www.funimation.com/p/apps) We're also working on more apps to come.

    As for your second question, we do take into account views for older shows, but that is just one of many factors. It also depends on if we even have blu-ray rights for a series.

  • CJ- yeah, Im glad the shop somehow got randomly fixed for me too, now I just got to figure out if im going to bite the bullet and repurchase the entire AOT to get the exclusive. I thought I was going to be doing my 1st funi exclusive with the cowboy bebop, but I wasnt looking for a record size box, so amazon won me over there. As for me not getting your emails, I dont know whats going on there, but I check every piece of mail in both my regular mail and my spam box every single day. Yet I always do seem to recieve a robot response from the bot head. Luckly for me who ever works on the facebook funi help page usually helps me out with the info I need.

    Now that I know what Im doing with the broadcast dubs, I guess I will be doing the EVS subscription.

    What exactly is a roku app? I got ATT Uverse, ps3, netflix, and samsung tv (not the internet type tv) . Plus i will have this evs subscription as soon as I get a chance to sign up for it.

    Well the older show that im highly interested in is the bluray version of ahh my goddess, that is just coming out in japan. You guys dont have bluray rights and you only got the back end of the show on dvd. So I guess I will stream it and hope like hell you guys get the bluray rights for me to purchase.

    Ty very much for the quick reply CJ!

  • So far we haven't announced any kind of a blu-ray release for Ah! My Goddess, but if we did, it would be on the Facebook page or the News blog, so definitely keep an eye in those places! (side note: I have NO inside information about this release and have zero idea if we'll release it or not, so please don't take that as a winkwinknudgenudge sort of suggestion! :D)

    Roku is a device like Chromecast or Apple TV. It's a box that attaches to your television and you can download apps to it to more easily watch internet programming on your television.

    We've also announced development of a PlayStation app that's similar, though I don't have any release information about the app at this time. Another thing to keep watch for on the News site. :)

    Let me know if you have any further questions!

  • any update on my situation? It's been awhile since I've heard anything. Is my problem at least being looked at?

  • @PublicEnemy333 - We're still working on a solution for your issue, but I should have an update on your issue either later today or early tomorrow. We know what's causing it– but the solution isn't exactly super. I'm trying to see if I can get a better solution fairly quickly. If not, I'll send you what I have.

  • I tried to comment on the Twin Tail Contest, but my post won't show up. I tried to click my profile, but I can't click on that on at all (from the main webpage, not the one on this forum). Help?

  • Still haven't heard anything

  • Hi,

    I placed a message to support through the website back in August and never received a response. The message was in regards to an order I placed and now that the item in that order is close to being released I thought I'd try reaching out again. Anyway, I placed another message to support just a moment ago. my order number is - 222-171094. Please respond to my message if you can.

  • @PublicEnemy333 - The issue has to do with your IP and your ISP. I am waiting on a reply from upper development staff on how to resolve the issue. I've just brought it back to their attention that I haven't received a response. :)

    @david5807 - Your ticket is in the correct place to be answered. I don't see your old ticket still in billing and product support's queue, but I do see the new one. Based on the current queue, I would be surprised if you get a response before the Thanksgiving holiday, but if you don't have one early next week, let me know.

  • i put in a ticket 4 days ago, i joined the elite service when the 6 month for $20 deal was going on, my account just renewed and charged me $20 so i put in a ticket asking if that means i get another 6 months + not being able to get the 12 month deal. could you see if my ticket is still being worked on.

  • @skyblazze - can you check your spam filters and make sure you haven't received a message from us? I'm showing that your ticket has been closed.

    If you have not received an e-mail, let me know and I'll be happy to have our billing department resend the e-mail and also PM you the information in it.

  • i checked my mail and got nothing. it wold be much appreciated if you could PM me the info

  • @PublicEnemy333 - I have received the final update to this issue and you have been sent the information– we'll be following up via e-mail as well.

    @skyblazze - I've reported this issue to our billing department. I'm having them resend you the correspondence and I'll also PM you with the information. However, it's possible that this may not happen until tomorrow at this point. I'll let you know as soon as I hear back. :)

  • 2 months without a response from support even though I'm submitting one ticket a week..

  • Can you please enplane how queue and favorites work. I have placed several items in it and in favorites also…how do I access them...I fine no button to select to what I have in my queue or favorites...I address this in Customer support and on the face book page and have not received an answer in either.

  • @@Anime@ - I'm only showing one ticket from you, from October of 2013. O_o Have you been contacting us under an e-mail that is not the e-mail associated with this account?

    I'll be happy to assist you with your issue, or make sure you are contacted by someone who can!

    @flgypsysoul - We were probably all away on Thanksgiving holidays. :) You can access your queue by clicking on the grey box at the top of the site with your username in it, or through your account settings. The Favorites can be used pretty much however you want– to keep your favorite shows easily accessible, or to make a list of shows separate from your queue, or to tag shows you might want to go back and look at at some point, but don't want in your Queue.

    Your Queue is intended to contain shows you want to view, in the order you're considering viewing them.

    Please let me know if you need any additional information about these features.

  • i still haven't gotten a email from billing or the PM you said you would send. i did get my $25 gift code

  • @skyblazze - I hadn't received a response on what to send you from our billing department before the holiday, unfortunately. I still haven't seen a response from them about your issue, however this may be because they were able to resolve the issue and send you your promo code.

    If you've gotten the promo code, you have the annual subscription and should be all set– your tickets also appear to have been closed in the system. Was the matter resolved on your end, or do you have additional questions or concerns at this time?

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