Subscription Assistance Thread – OLD

  • Please post in this thread if you are having issues with:

    • Subscribing or re-subscribing to EVS
    • Viewing EVS on the website and getting a "please subscribe to watch" kind of message
    • Getting commercials on EVS content on the site
    • Suddenly losing your EVS subscription for no apparent reason

    I will NOT be assisting with the following issues in this thread:

    • Billing/EVS charges - please make a new ticket with the reason code "Subscription Billing"
    • Roku-based subscription issues - please make a new ticket with the reason code "Roku Channel"
    • Any technical support issues not directly connected to EVS subscription status.

    In addition, please consider the following two scenarios:

    Not getting EVS content on the mobile apps - please check and see if you can view EVS content on the site. If you can, please make a ticket with the reason code "Mobile & Tablet Apps". If you cannot view EVS on the site, I can help you through this thread.

    Had a Gift Subscription sudden vanish - Try re-inputting your gift subscription code. If this does not resolve the issue, please submit a ticket about this issue with the reason code "Subscription Billing". I will be unable to assist with these issues beyond this information.

    (Previous Subscription Assistance thread:

  • I was wondering if there is a way to set up a currently active account that has a monthly subscription with the current holiday offer for a yearly subscription.

    Listed on subscription page here:
    ( )

    When I click the link hoping to set up mt account with this deal, it just tells me that I currently have a subscription and there is no option to update my preferences or anything of that sort.

    'It looks like you're already a subscriber!' is the message that appears on the screen after I click on the link for the yearly subscription.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Why is it the yearly subscription requires a credit card but the monthly subscription allows paypal? I'd like to buy the year but I don't have a credit card.

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  • I like to know why that on the On demand for Xfinity 's funimation free section now requires a subscription for something that has been free for over 6 years…...

  • @baroner1986:

    I like to know why that on the On demand for Xfinity 's funimation free section now requires a subscription for something that has been free for over 6 years…...

    i also have xfinity and i just went to the funi free video section and was able to watch without any sort of subscription requirment.
    id contact xfinity about your concern over this matter.
    im in washington state you may be in a difrent market or something
    it would like to here what you find out. best of luck :)

  • @dewsydaisy - Are you using the information on the .pdf on the right hand side of the page on how to upgrade your subscription? If not, please try that. If you are doing that and still having issues, you will need to make a new support ticket with the reason code "Subscription Billing" for more assistance.

    @sandman64 - Definitely submit a ticket for that one– I think I know what the issue is, but we'll need more details on the account in question and will need to send you some information via e-mail.

    @colbot - The way PayPal handles subscription payments does not allow for us to include the additional months we are offering. We have turned PayPal off for the duration of this holiday promotion for the 12-month plan to guarantee everyone who signs up gets the most months out of this promotion possible.

    @baroner1986 - You'll need to contact Xfinity about this issue, or the FUNimation Channel directly at

  • I just subscribed today for the special year subscription. The streaming seems to be working fine, but if I click on the shop tab I get logged out. When I try to log in again, it reverts me back to my profile. Also, it said I would get a $25 gift card from the aforementioned special that I have yet to receive. I am unsure, but it could be a problem with the billing. It charged me as though I purchased the trial period ( $0.01 ) instead of the full yearly price. I don't know if this is something that takes a day or two to update, or something went wrong. Please let me know soon, as I have a possible gift I would like to get for someone before the holiday season. Thanks :)

  • @jayray8825 - Could you please make two separate tickets for me? In one, please say that you are having trouble logging into the shop, and use the reason code "Subscription Access".

    For the other, please detail your experience trying to sign up for the annual promotion and be sure to mention that you were trying to get the annual promotion, not the free trial. Please use the reason code "Subscription Billing" for that issue.

    This will get both of your issues dealt with as quickly as possible for you. Thanks!

  • How do I make a ticket, just create a new post?

  • Ok, thanks!

  • Ok, my subscription has been updated and I can now view the shop, but I still do not have my gift certificate.

  • Sorry if this is not the right place for this. Any idea how long the promo code will last?

  • @jayray8825 - Give it until Wednesday– they can take some time to generate and send. (this is presuming you were subscribing fresh and not upgrading from a monthly sub-- the promo doesn't generate until the first time you are charged for the subscription)

    @vanillahero - I do not believe the promo code has a specific expiration date. Please check the e-mail that is sent with your code when you receive it.

  • Ok, it's sent now via email. Thanks for all the help

  • For some reason I have lost my 12 month subscription that I got in October 28. I got an email today saying Funimation was charging my card for continued access to Elite Video Subscription even though I already paid for a 12 month subscription with it saying that my card has been declined. I'm not sure why it would cancel my subscription that I just bought a couple weeks ago.

  • @casualderek - I've made sure your ticket is in the correct location. There is currently a queue for billing support, however an agent will assist you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience! :)

  • I am having problems with my subscription, when I try to watch EVS videos I get flagged by the site to sign up for a sub when I already have one. Also when I try renewing I get thrown into an endless loop were the site tells me I"m not logged in after I click the renew link on my account subscription page.

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