Produce FUNimation Broadcast Dubs for all anime.

  • I am happy to hear that Funimation announced a new initiative for broadcast dubs, which would be simulcasted episodes with English dubs.

    I would like to see it done for all anime being simulcasted, so I won't have to wait 1-2 years for a dub, Instead the dub would be available within 1-10 days of the Japanese broadcast.

    For example, I am eager to see a dub for "Gonna Be The Twin Tails" produced right now, instead of having to wait till Winter of 2015-2016.

    The sooner I can watch dub anime, the better.

    For Winter Q1 of 2015, I would like to see Funimation aquire the "Dog Days" anime series seasons 1-3. I made this request lots of times, but Funimation still hasn't commented or taken any action yet.

  • While it would certainly be nice, such an idea isn't even remotely feasible at this point. We still don't even know if the two broadcast dubs that FUNi is starting out with are going to work or not. At this point, the idea has as much of a chance of succeeding as it does falling flat on its face.

    If the dubs for Psycho-Pass 2 and Laughing at the Clouds do well, then maybe we'll see a 3 or 4 more broadcast dubs next season. If those do well, maybe we'll even see more than that. But for FUNimation to do this for every show they're currently simulcasting, especially this early in the experiment when we don't know whether it'll actually work out or not, would honestly be rather foolish on their part.

    Better to play it safe here at the beginning with just two shows than to stretch themselves too thin, if you ask me. :hmm:

    EDIT: Also at this point, Dog Days ain't gonna happen. You can thank Aniplex for that. -_-

  • Lol! Like Spaceman says, not even remotely realistic if you want any sort of quality. I'm sure they could find someone to translate and read the script in a monotone voice with the same voice for every character, but would you actually pay for that??? It takes multiple talented voice actors to dub an anime correctly and to simulcast is no small feat. Otherwise, you just have a computer doing text to speech essentially, in which case I'd rather read subs….

  • It's only not feasible because of licensing, not because of the amount of work. I don't doubt that they could handle eight shows right now, considering they're given about a full month of planning, scripting, and voice acting for each episode

    I think ADR directors would be spread a bit thin, and I think you'd hear the same voices in multiple shows in a single season before they rotate to the next season of broadcast dubs due to scheduling concerns, but I'd suspect they're collectively juggling 8-10 dubs in production at any point in the calender year, so I don't think it'd be a massive undertaking. Space Dandy, with less than a week of production and turnaround time, showed that they're extremely capable of putting out a quality script with personality in the characters despite a lack of time for planning

    At any rate, my conjecture on a full broadcast dub season doesn't really matter since there will always be some licensees that will outright refuse the request

  • You say it's a licensing issue, I say a personnel issue… probably both. You even admit they would be spread thin, although I think you're understating the matter. If Funi starts making money off of this strategy, I'm sure they will invest more to increase their staff, but I don't think they have enough to do every title they license in a season and broadcast on time consistently. Just my thoughts, I could be wrong...

  • The fact of the matter is, just like Riles mentioned above, there will always be some licensees who are NOT going to be okay with the idea. That's why we'll more than likely never ever get a full-season of broad-dubbed anime simulcasts.

  • Just want to point something out since I'm sick of the reminders.We all sure like to talk in absolutes…. "Always," "Never," "This website/article said so." I know you all believe these things to be gospel, but content flows where the money goes. Agree or not, just saying

    Oh, and yes, I know most of the money is made in Japan, and everyone is brainwashed to think releases elsewhere are just icing on the cake. Think this reasoning through though. Please, carefully. What do all businesses try to do constantly?? If there is a market... Nm, I'm sure I'll never get through to some of you.

  • So you're saying that things are never absolute

  • I also want to know why Funimation is never gonna get a hold of the anime "Dog Days"? you said its because of aniplex? Why would another English licensee such as Sentai Filmworks get the license vs Funimation?

    Can the moderator explain?

  • Ever since Aniplex of America was founded, Aniplex of Japan has given them almost completely exclusive rights to the vast majority of their titles. The only Aniplex-produced title that has been licensed by FUNimation in the past few years was Black Butler: Book of Circus, and that's only because they already had the rights to the first two seasons (Ping Pong and Terror In Resonance don't count because they were mostly produced by Fuji TV).

    So because of this vice grip tight hold on their intellectual properties, the chances of anyone putting out Dog Days other than Aniplex of America themselves is very slim. And seeing as how the first season of the show is already several years old and hasn't been released at all yet, that makes the chances even slimmer, I'm afraid. :hmm:

  • @Riles:

    So you're saying that things are never absolute

    Exactly, nothing is impossible give the right set of conditions. You can even throw a tennis ball through a concrete wall if all the atoms line up correctly. Not impossible, just very very unlikely…. As for Anime business decisions, things change constantly and we're not talking quantum physics. Let's see how the market responds in the next few years.

  • I was making a joke. "Never absolute" is contradictory, or maybe an oxymoron

  • Honestly, a lot will depend on how this test set goes. If you want more shows to be broadcast dubbed, watch every episode of these two shows. Tell your friends to watch every episode. Do everything you can to get this to trend on Twitter and/or Facebook, or whatever social media site you're into, so more people find out about this and watch it. In the announcement video, they explicitly said that view counts matter. Big time. I'll watch each show as many times as I can if it means that we get even more.

  • @Riles:

    I was making a joke. "Never absolute" is contradictory, or maybe an oxymoron

    Great, thanks. I'm often a little tipsy before I post so sometimes I don't pick up on the subtleties, funny or not… stand by my reasoning though. The only things that are absolute are those under your complete control, and how often does that happen? I'll shut up now, enough philosophy

  • Yea did a brief stream and do like the plot setup. I will be holding out for a dub otherwise I likely won't watch the sub :( There's been a lot more dub releases this year though so I've really appreciated these changes in available choices on Funimation. This one will just make another great addition if they decide to go ahead with it.

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