Hmmm what i think

  • this site really needs auto next episode because some people love to relax while they watch anime and not have to get up every 20 mins you can make it so if the person that does not want on it they can put it off it will also be a good choice because with the longer series auto next would just be a great feature and dont stop there why not add it so it goes to full screen right when it jumps to the next episode im sure people would love the feature and if they dont as i said you can have a off button for it..

    thank you for taking the time to read this..

  • Currently there is an autoplay feature on the Xbox 360 Funimation app.

    If there enough positive feedback with the feature I bet that they add it to the site in the future.

  • i take back what i said my apologies i thought you were being a smart ass

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