Mushi-Shi contemplations

  • I love this show! It does not align with my usual interests, but maybe that's what I love about it. It's absolutely beautiful in every way. Gorgeous artwork, a series of wonderful stories that really make you stop and think, and Travis Willingham's beautiful voice.

    I can't marathon this show like I usually do. It wouldn't do it justice. I watch 3 episodes at the most, and by then, I feel so mellow and peaceful that I just drift off to sleep. It's like meditation in the best possible way.

  • Even better to watch this show on a rainy or cloudy day. Something very peaceful about this show. Travis Willingham did an amazing job as Ginko and conveying someone so contemplative without sounding lukewarm or redundant.

  • Indeed. I've currently got a 3 way tie for favorite anime ever: Mushi-Shi, Steins;Gate, and Fullmetal Alchemist. Death Parade could potentially make it a 4 way tie, but it will depend on where it goes, and how it gets there.

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