Raze Adikes (Anime idea)

  • This is an idea for an anime I'd like to be created into a full series.

    NAME: Raze Adikes
    This is about a boy named Raze Adikes, who lives in a sacred world underneath the Earth's surface, known as the Hollow. Many years ago, there was a kingdom, known as Rose Kingdom, and during this time, the demon's from below had arise to kill and take over, destroying everything in sight. To this day, we call this the Demon War. It went on for about a day, as the demons were really searching for the royal family, who, from their research, could qualify to help take over the world and join the demon empire if were to be transformed into a demon themselves. The queen has no information on what happened to her, but the king was turned into the demon king, but to a surprise, he was too powerful for the demons to handle. They had to put him down into a magic seal on the side of a cliff, for this new, almighty creature had almost destroyed both demon and human races forever. They call this giant demon lord DAD, never to be released.

    The prince, however, was turned into a demon, and had his memory erased. Now he serves the demon race as an assassin. This boy is Raze Adikes, half human and half demon. The demon part of his comes from his demon heart, which his human heart was dissected and destroyed, and implanted a demon one, and his eye gouged out, they gave him stitches. A one-eyed demon child assassin was born that day, and was there to stay.

    Raze lived in the demon society, and eventually got assigned into the Five, which are a group of assassins which do more important quests than normal demon soldiers do. There is Raze, the brawler who loves to kill and fight, and is damn good at it. And there is Darkwulf, an anthropomorphic wolf man who is quick and stealthy, and is Raze's childhood friend. There is also Raze's demon brother, Puzzle, who is considered the leader of the Five, as he has great power and holds Raze's ancient family sword, which holds great truths that have yet to be uncovered. The fourth is Dot, an experiment from the demon labs to be an absolute murder machine. He has blades for arms, levitates, and speaks to a strange orb he carries around his tail, and looks like the other demons, but glows a strange shade of white. The fifth is Ivy, Darkwulf's girlfriend, also a wolf. She is sweet, and can be a really good motherly figure, but is also very strong and serious about things.

    The Five have been serving the demon king, Malakai, who rules the Hollow. One day, the Five is assigned to take out three strange beings known as Regardi. The Regardi are creatures that can take any form of disguise and are born nobody knows how. They want to gain all of the power in the world and be absolute kings, and they discover DAD's seal, as they believe they can take control and rule the universe- but they are unaware of the impossibility. Now the Five must go onto the Earth's surface and live among the humans until these three Regardi are taken care of.

    Meanwhile, as Regardi are being tracked down, Raze must go to a normal school and such, and do research on humans and current human culture, as the demon libraries are quite outdated by thousands of years. Raze encounters a few humans, Lorreta, who is a cute school girl with a casual attitude and is very kind, Michael, who is quite stubborn in most situations yet can be nice to the people he enjoys being around, like friends. And Omar, who doesn't have many friends, and is the school nerd. But knows a lot on demonology.

    Friends are made, yet these interactions have costs. Powers are discovered, truths are unveiled, secrets are unburied, and everything begins to go horribly wrong. When a mission that was estimated to take only a week turns into a mission that stretches to over two years, how will Raze and the team stop this evil, as new threats constantly emerge and problems are created and everything is f*cked? How will they survive?

    if you wish to have your outer human.

    I've made a list of descriptions and all of my planned episodes, and so far:

    -Every season would contain thirteen episodes.
    -I currently have about three seasons and a half planes, still growing.
    -An episode would be about twenty to thirty minutes long.

    I have more content to share. If you enjoy my idea, tell me what you think! Wanna hear more? Go ahead, give some feedback! If you really think this should become an anime, let's see what happens!

  • First of all, this needs to be a novel or comic first before the anime. Second, FUNimation doesn't make anime, they only license and dub them. Thirdly, this series could have potential if it works as a piece of literature.

    This should be moved to the Fan-Fiction area. Just saying.

  • @Zethus:

    First of all, this needs to be a novel or comic first before the anime. Second, FUNimation doesn't make anime, they only license and dub them. Thirdly, this series could have potential if it works as a piece of literature.

    This should be moved to the Fan-Fiction area. Just saying.

    I had a feeling. I was curious if Funimation was an anime host or an anime creator studio, so thanks for saving me on that. Still, though, I feel like I should share the idea with a few anime fans, since I feel Funimation would be the best place to do so.

    Raze Adikes is actually based on a small eight part comic I made a few years ago, each one having crappy drawings and a messy and non-organized plot. But ever since, I've improved, and want to see if it is even WORTHY of being made into something. Thank you, I'll move this over.

    Also, really quick, is your location near a pink courageous cowardly dog, by any chance?

  • Seeing as how you've got the same topic posted in another section now, I'm gonna go ahead and close this one down. :)

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