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  • Did many searches for on the site/forum/internet for this and couldn't find any mentions. Many sites have RSS feeds, but Funimation doesn't appear to have one. Any chances of a feed being implemented?

  • We can look into that. Thank you for the suggestion. ^_^ What kinds of feeds were you interested in? New episodes? New shows? News posts?

  • I know this is an old post, but just started reading through the forum looking for a few other things and stumbled across this.

    I think having either a feed (or calendar) for different purposes that one can subscribe to with different services that are available would be awesome. Personally just having a list for the release able to be put onto my phone's calendar (ical or the like) would be great, but having a RSS feed when shows are released would be acceptable as many still know what a RSS is.

    Currently the only feed I see on FUNimation's site is the one for the forum located at

    New shows, new episodes, broadcast dubs, simulcast shows would all be wonderful to know without looking through the schedule page ( would be a goal to work towards, heck the employees may already be using something that will do it with one checkbox or added list for the public to see.

  • People still even use RSS feeds? I know they been out for like forever… alas I never got into them, as it were. Twitter also kinda made many types of them (like news) irrelevant as well.

  • Thank you, bbeenn1. I have noted these.

  • I would also love to have an iCal link to import into my calendars (like Google calendar). Either have one for the simuldub/cast schedule, or for new episodes releasing for shows on my queue list. This would be great because once you import the iCal link to your calendar, you can see exactly when new episodes are coming out and even have reminders, right from your smartphone. Another alternative idea would be to have push notifications via the Funimation mobile apps for shows you follow or have on queue, or for the simulcast/simuldub lineup. Either way, it would just be nice to have some fast way of tracking when your favorite episodes release other than loading the website and manually checking. There are sites that make tracking shows like this to an iCal link but they don't support Funimation/dub releases so it would be nice if you guys could step up to the plate and provide a solution.

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