Waiting to watch this

  • I've been waiting for funimation to hopefully put this movie on, I'd watch it sub or dub. Does anyone know if it will happen soon?

  • It hits store shelves in 5 weeks, don't expect it until around then.

  • This is one of the shows that I am also looking forward to seeing as well!
    As TIL Nobu said, it's coming out in ~5ish weeks (November 26, 2013 to be exact), so I guess we'll have to wait a little longer! >.<

    There might be a chance that they will put it up for Elite Video Subscribers early (if they have the rights to do that). They have done that for some, but it seems to be inconsistent when it comes to EVS early access for movies.

    I'd check back in about ~3ish weeks to see if they posted anything. Also, keep an eye out on the release schedule; It's due for an update soon.

  • its been a few months since I heard it was coming out, so why isn't it on this site yet?

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