Steins;Gate Part 1 menu display

  • I'm not really asking for help with anything, just if anyone has seen the same issue I'm seeing.

    I'm watching Steins;Gate on blu-ray for the first time on my Sony Blu-ray player and I noticed something extremely odd with disc 2 of Part 1. The actual playback of the disc is flawless so this effects nothing. You can kinda see in this image here, which I know isn't very good quality.

    It's difficult to make out the image from this picture, but the icon that's coming up on the blu-ray player for disc 2 is actually for the Book of Bantorra and the people it lists are correct for that show. The extra odd thing is the fact that the Book of Bantorra isn't even a Funimation show. It's from Sentai. And Sentai's US release doesn't even go up to 5 discs.

    Again, this has 0 effect on the actual playback of the Blu-ray, but it was odd enough that I wanted to point it out and ask if anyone else experienced something akin to this.

  • The problem is with your Sony Blu-ray Player not Funimation.

    The same thing happens sometimes with my Sony Blu-ray player as well.

    Every once in a while it doesn't load the correct icon for a certain disc but plays the contents on the disc just fine.

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