Episode 2 of "haganai NEXT" uncensored?

  • I did some research, and while I know if I buy the blu-ray on "haganai NEXT" the eroge scene will be censored (the visual), is the line sena says also censored? Or was that just a joke in the show originally? I remember hearing a couple f-bombs every now and then, and I remember Sena saying something like "There, I fucking said it ok?" sometime during the show. Was that from another scene?

  • Watch it here on the site and see?

  • That bleep in the dub was done intentionally. They mention in the video commentary that they did it that way to make it come across as more awkward, shocking, and funny. Joel McDonald, the director, in fact told Jad Saxton that since they were going to bleep it, she didn't actually have to say the actual words (she still did, though :P).

    What's weird is that later on in the series, both Rika and Kodaka drop F-bombs that are left unbleeped, making that one scene stand out even more.

  • I could've sworn she says "there, I fucking said it ok??" without a censor, is that earlier/later on in the show?

  • When I heard that censored line my reaction was "Wow" in an akward tone and besides I knew what Sena said anyways. Rika using the F-bomb cracked me up and Kodaka did it was unexpected.

  • It iis censored. I seen it a while back and I see many discrepancies. To bad used to be a really good show.

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