Hello all

  • Decided to sign up. Will be nice to talk to others about this genre of entertainment. Heck, my girlfriend even laughs when she comes over and One piece or DBZ is on. Says im her sexy nerd haha.

    Anyway, huge one piece fan. Havent branched out into very many non shonen but am excited to!

    I have not been lurking long enough to notice so I will ask. When does Funi usually release their black Friday or major sales?

    I currently have about 40 titles on my list that includes DBZ, Fairy, OP season 6, etc and wants to melt the credit card, but I want to line few major purchases up with a sale so I can save a buck or two if possible.

  • Hi Johnnie. Welcome to the forums. Let me know if there's anything I can help you with. :)

    As far as FUNi's Black Friday sale, I'm really not sure. They should announce something in their news section and on their Twitter around early-to-mid November, would be my guess.

    Also, you need to check out RightStuf's annual Holiday Sale. Your credit card won't just melt; it will become nothing but white ash.

  • Oh sweet thank you for the another place to spend money lol

  • Welcome to the forums strawhat. Once we get closer to the holidays start looking for sales. As Spaceman said. Right Stuf! has a sale for practically every holiday. Currently they have a Halloween sale. Worth checking out. You might find some good sales. But your credit card might RIP. lol Enjoy posting with us.

  • Hey Johnnie, Welcome to the forums.

  • rightstuf is the place to go these days for one stop anime shopping if I may also suggest I used to shop at animecastle, hastings, and jbox (or jlist for more adult materials) all great sites for fans with cash to burn

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