Opinions on Film Z Dub.

  • So I just watched Film Z for the first time, not just in English either. I haven't seen the subtitled version yet. (though I follow manga and watch anime in Jap) Wanted to hear what people thought of the movie overall as well as the new VA's. Personally I'm not crazy about Kizaru… not that I'm racist but I don't picture him having a deep... "black" voice so to speak. I mean the guy is based of an Italian gangster... don't think he would sound like Method Man ya know? Someone like Aokij? That makes sense the dudes dark skinned. Mixed opinions on Akainu as well. Also is it just me or did some of the characters get a different VA, Garp in particular sounds different to me.
    As far as the movie itself.. I liked it Zed was more likable then I would have imagined. One weird thing is I feel like it dosen't feel like One Piece... not that is necessarily a bad thing it just felt like another beast. I mean to SPOILER have Zed die at the end.. I don't think they have killed someone since Ace, but I feel that his death put a nice finish to a surprisingly decent One Piece film.
    Overall I give it 7.5 out of 10.
    Anyways thats my opinion, what did you guys think?

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