Season Two Dubbed

  • Is there any way I can get a notification for when season two gets dubbed and when season two is released in the states?

  • yep, multiple ways. Rightstuf, this site (News and schedule section), funi's facebook tumblr, and twitter pages, ANN, amazon, RACS, TheFandomPost, and probably others that I'm forgetting will say something as soon as there's an update to update

  • How much longer are we gonna have to wait before they come out with the second season in english. Also I would like a little confirmation of weather they're gonna make a third season or finish it off with a movie, cause I think this is a dam funny anime with a great story

  • no official release date yet. Late summer, early fall is likely. a third will probably depend on how well the movie does in japan, so we wont be hearing anything for some time

  • "If I have to wait any longer, I'm going to bust a gasget." Triggerhappy (Transformers G1 S4: Rebirth)
    Seriously though, i can't wait for the the dub version of season 2.

  • Any updates floating around here?

  • Nope .

  • Well that's nice and depressing:(

  • ^ We know it's coming and that it will be dubbed, we just don't know when. Probably sometime this Fall, August at the VERY earliest.

  • D-frag finally got all the dubs released can check that out while waiting, it's not on the upcoming subscriber release schedule so I'd say check back near the end of June, though the waiting does suck :(

  • This post is deleted!

  • But I Already watched all those D: I have way too much time on my hands lol. I finished 3 entire animes and maxed out the dubs on this and dxd

  • Ain't that the truth lol

  • When Date A Live II gets dubbed I am going to be so freaking happy
    This show is amazing and is totally in my top ten best harems to watch it also has decent comedy

  • I agreee…Can't wait til the dub of the second season comes out.

    Maybe in August.

  • Getting quite frustrated at the wait here myself -.- I just wish they would announce an ETA on this already!


    Also the funimation voice staff should take this as a compliment, I think they have much nicer sounding voices than their japanese counterparts and thats not just because I can't speak japanese I just think you all's voices match the characters better and you capture emotion very well.

  • On anime news network I Look up date a live 2 and they have the dub cast and everything there just not releasing any of the dub episodes yet.

  • @bullhog:

    On anime news network I Look up date a live 2 and they have the dub cast and everything there just not releasing any of the dub episodes yet.

    yeah, only the characters that showed up in season 1 that return for seoasn 2. means absolutely nothing

  • yeah it will get dubbed i heard a nnouncement before the end of this year or if we can encourage them by asking over and over again it will become a trend just like tokyo gouhl season one but give it time because they needed to push their cast emembers to shows like High School DXD New Born, Absolute Duo, Bloood Blockade Battlefront, Seraph of the End, And THe rest into the Simulcast Shows for Fall and Winter so Now! its just a side project but keep asking because i Want Them to Dubbe the Movie or At Least License it because this show put me through High School

  • Does anyone know when they might announce its release maybe an event or something because I can't wait

  • In the Q4 of the year since the Blu-Ray/DVD Combo is being made. The question you should be asking is when the movie coming out for North America because Funimation gots a tough schedule going on… Holding three entertainment platforms with upcoming updates soon even for the PC version, plus their future simulcast deals both including dubbed- cast, but hearing the announcement to be out somewhere this year must be hard because they might be having troubles finding available dub-cast is going to be hard. Check out the the girl who plays Lucy from Fairytail. She works everywhere: Asuna(SAO), Plutia (Hyperdimension Neptunia), etc. she so busy it's not even funny to talk bad about her. The person who plays Kurumi Tokisaki is in a simulcast for Show By Rock, the guy who plays Kunazuki is playing in Blood Blockade Battlefront we are waiting for him to finish but the show has been put on pause because the finale is too long so we are all on stand by until the show resume. But I just came back from the Dragon Ball Z event so here's something you'll might like; Attack on Titan (Film),Psycho Pass English (Film), Ghost in a Shell (Film) so just keep waiting and enjoy the ride because I'm hype for everything Date A Live even hope if the games coming to America but I'll probably go to Japan and buy them all it did put me through Rough Times with a Smile

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