Mobile App Update for iOS8!

  • Hey everyone, just letting you know that the paid and free mobile apps are now compatible with iOS 8 and available in the App Store.

    Go here to update the paid version.
    Go here to update the free version.

  • About time

  • Yes, I'm glad it's finally updated. One thing, though; when I was scrolling down the list of shows to add to 'my shows', the app crashed (on my iPad Air).

    I hope future iterations of the app will address some of the queue and alert/notification concerns that subscribers have brought up, but at least for the time being we can get back to watching anime (not a complaint, merely a wish 😊).

  • Yeah, app is still crashy. On a fresh iOS 8 install on an iPad Air, click Shows from the Menu before logging in and boom. Also, The drawing of the UIPickerView's used when you try to click the combobox/dropdown in the Videos Filter is borked with what appears to be white text on a white background.

    Also, could you finally add a Languages Filter to the Shows Filter popup. And for all that is good and handy could you add some filtering to the Episodes list (including a Languages Filter) that appears for a show's Episodes list.

  • These issues are currently being worked on. Any UI enhancements are subject to management approval, but will definitely be considered. :D

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