Forums FAQ: Petitions, Requests & Other Things.

  • Funi Forum Mod Soundmonkey44 here with a quick message.

    Due to the recent influx of duplicate & spam threads, I thought I would put this here for new members to read, here are some super important tips for the Funi Forums, please read before posting!

    1. LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP!: I know it might be a hassle but please look through the various section & show folders before making a new thread, we don't need 10 threads asking for a season 3 of Sekirei, or when Funimation is gonna dub the next season of Haganai.

    2. MAKE A CIVIL REQUEST: If theres an anime you want to see Funimation pick up, theres a thread stickied in the anime section of the forums you can go to make requests also before posting in set thread it might help to do some research to make sure the title your wanting isn't already avalible/ picked-up by another company/publisher

    3. PETITIONS DONT WORK THAT WAY!: Ignoring the obvious fact that since its inception people have been mis-using for very petty endeavours instead of important ones. Petitions asking for more of an anime to be made or dubbed, don't really do anything. Funimation doesn't control how much of a show is or is not made, thats up to the company/network/studio/etc over in Japan, and unless its a toyetic anime or a co-pro, they don't really care if a fun in the U.S. or Europe wants more of something. Japan is the main market for anime, it decides how long a show lasts, not us. So starting a petition asking for more of a show to be made, doesn't really do anything but make more spam/clutter on the forums. As for dubs, this is something we do have control over, but not through petitions, this is where ones wallet & vocal support here on the forums comes into play. Also if theres a show streaming on the site you want to see get a physical release, help it get good numbers on its stream, that helps too!

    And thats all I got for now, so please, look before you leap, and think before you post.

    Sincerly, your friendly Funi Forums Mod, Soundmonkey44.

  • It's "Sekirei" and "Haganai", actually….. :|

    NOTE: And in addition to what Monkey said above, for the love of God...


  • @SpacemanHardy thank you, its just as irritating as people asking for High School of the Dead season 2 or spreading clickbait/misinformation about it.

  • U dont need a Season 3, anyways. The anime version (which is lightyears different then manga) concluded logically at season 2.